looking for local mums - south norwood/croydon

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TashaCribben Sun 20-May-12 18:55:08

Hi Emma, my name is Tasha, I'm 21 & I have a daughter who is just over 8 months old.. We have recently moved into Croydon & I'd really like to meet some mummy friends in the area :-) I know this post is quite old now but if you're still up for meeting mummy friends too, let me know :-)
Look forward to hearing from you :-)

Principle Sun 17-Apr-11 20:58:49

Hey Emma, Its Lara* (sorry to be pernicaty lol)
Well Ive lived in London before and I actually have several friends in Southnorwood but none with kids my lil boys age lol. Well my partner is from London and I am willing to give things a chance in London lol, It is very scarey and totally going to miss my family up here as htey have been a great support to me. At the moment Im organising moving and spending as much time as i can with my family, horses and dogs before I leave but when I get down to London im affraid I wont have half as much to keep me busy and im one of these people that would go insane couped out in a house all day so Im very much up for meeting up and getting out.

Emmacm1 Sun 17-Apr-11 11:12:47

hiya laura, how come your moving ?
my partner is from manchester, and we do think about moving sometimes, but it doesnt at all seem easy moving from such a distance!
what kind of things are you into?
im happy someone replied lol,
thank you!

Principle Sun 17-Apr-11 10:55:37

Hi Emma,
My names Lara im 25 moving to Mitcham, from Scotland early may with 8month old boy. Im also looking to meet some mums and babies so that I can get out and socialise with other mums and babies around the same age group as my other friends that have children are much older

Emmacm1 Sat 16-Apr-11 21:09:39

hi, im emma, i have a 14 month old daughter, i live in south norwood, im 21 and im looking for other local mums/mum groups so me and my daughter catt can get out the house more!

is there anyone out there??

thank you,

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