Warwickshire Maintained Nurseries

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Piamom Mon 03-May-10 13:36:45

Hi, there is STILL a review underway across Warwickshire which will give all state maintained nurseries 3 options for their future. 2 of these options are effectively closure of a fantatstic free local learning resource. There are statements abounding in the press that the threat does not exist BUT THIS IS A LIE. Until the local county council passes a motion to abandon the consultation all nurseries are vulnerable. If you live in Atherstone, Stockingford, Bedworth heath, Warwick, Whitnash or Kenilworth, sign their petitions to show your support. Register to an online petition on www.kenilworthparents.co.uk or join the facebooks groups for Kenilworth and Whitnash. You can also write to Cllr Seccombe at the county council and ask why she is going ahead with a consultation that communities are opposing?

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