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sarlbear Sat 02-Jan-10 00:13:40

Hi everyone.

Can anyone recommend any toddler groups in the Coventry area? I'm looking for something suitable for my 13 month old DS - very lively (!), loves music and anything active - on a Monday or Wednesday.

Went to loads of different things with my DD, but either can't remember what they were, or they don't run anymore, or they're at the wrong times for us.

Would really appreciate some guidance, as all the websites I've used previously to find activities seem to have changed and now I can't find much at all.


covkimbo Sat 02-Jan-10 13:04:14

Message withdrawn

sarlbear Sun 03-Jan-10 22:33:37

Thanks Covkimbo. I'll give it a go.

covkimbo Mon 04-Jan-10 08:19:54

Message withdrawn

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