Sleeping Eating problems

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Sethmum Sun 22-Nov-09 01:18:38

Hi, My son is 11 months, and has been a text book baby and very easy. We have been very lucky. Recently he was very ill, teething very high temperatures and full of viruses As a result he wasn't sleeping and we brought him into our bed so we could watch him and sleep too! This was a huge mistake it was only for two nights but now he wont go to sleep unless its on us or in our bed, both of which we are not allowing, but he will start screaming the moment we take him into his room! He also hasn't had a good meal since he was ill. I recently found out that his nanna and daddy have been allowing him sweet things (more than normal) durring his lunch so he has now started rejecting his meals and just wants sweet things. I have to say that recently he hasn't really had sweet things either but he's more likely to eat something sweet than savoury. What should I do to get him to sleep (and to sleep through) and to eat a good proper meal?? help!!

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