anyone from leamington spa

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jennifer1000 Sun 15-Nov-09 00:42:38

hi my name is jen. anyone from leamington spa

Fivefour Wed 18-Nov-09 21:47:50

Hi, I'm from L/Spa too.

crunched Fri 20-Nov-09 18:40:49

I'm about 6 miles from Leamington, but go every day cos my son's school is there

sian1001 Sat 21-Nov-09 23:20:44

leamington spa here!

Sethmum Sun 22-Nov-09 01:13:14

Hi, Yes I'm from Leamington!

LunarSea Sun 22-Nov-09 06:48:58

Another vote for Leamington here.

verynewmummytobe Mon 28-Dec-09 18:27:24

Sort of - just outside Stratford upon Avon but think this is my nearest local site!

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