Aloha Coventry!

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onetiredmummy Tue 08-Sep-09 17:55:46

Hello all, I'm coming back to live in Cov after being down south for 15 years or so, my marriage has disintegrated so will be back in the next few weeks with my 2 boys. All my family are here so it maks sense.

Whats the best primary school in the Tile Hill area please that are likely to have places for my ds to transfer.

Bellsa Tue 08-Sep-09 18:08:22

No idea about the schools I'm afraid, as I live on the other side of Coventry, but hello, and welcome back!

onetiredmummy Wed 09-Sep-09 10:11:02

Thanks Bellsa, it will be a bit strange as I have no friends there now, but it will be good to be back

raltro Tue 17-Nov-09 10:26:57


templars is the better school in tile hill, its had a lot of investment recently and is completely kitted out with excellent facilities, also has a good mixture of kids.

my boy is a bit young to go there atm as only 6 weeks but a friend of mine worked there as part of her primary teacher training and was very impressed.

i live in tile hill so if you need a friendly face feel free to contact me!

chloe x

covkimbo Thu 31-Dec-09 22:28:25

Message withdrawn

SleepyCaz Wed 06-Jan-10 15:57:03


Hope you have settled back in Coventry. Think I'm pretty late with this, but St John Vianney and Mount Nod Primary are both fab, and not far from Tile Hill at all. Just off Broad Lane.

Covkimbo? Are there any toddler groups in Eastern Green in the morning? I can only go in the morn, while DS (3.8) is at preschool. I'm guessing he is too old to take with DD to the one on a Wed pm?

covkimbo Thu 07-Jan-10 20:43:43

Message withdrawn

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