Pregnant with twins and new to Nuneaton area

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Northy2 Thu 03-Sep-09 10:00:21


I moved to Nuneaton a month ago and don't know a soul! I am 21 weeks pregnant with twins. Can anyone recommend any good antenatal services in the area or ways of meeting people in similar situation? If anyone knows of any twins groups that would be great too. Would really like to chat to any mums to be in the area.

bluepanda Tue 08-Sep-09 22:49:13

Hi - don't check this site very often - sorry you haven't had any replies! Try finding out about your local surestart centre, they should have details of mum and baby groups - I'm in exhall, not far from you and there was a nice play and weigh session you could get your little one weighed at by health visitors. The main library in Nuneaton or the council website should also have listings of mums groups too. I am only mum to one, but I have heard about a twins support group based in Leamington, might be worth googling them! Good luck x

mjh Thu 24-Sep-09 16:31:44

i live in the nuneaton area and have just found out am pregnant with twins (only 9 weeks though), i also have a toddler of 18 months!
I don't know of any twins groups yet, so let me know if you find anything but there are lots of groups depending on where you live. I would think your midwife or health visitor after the babies born would have lists of local ones. I go to quite a few in atherstone but am starting work in a couple of weeks so won't be going for much longer. I will definitely be trying to find a twins group nearer the time.

poppybaby Sat 26-Sep-09 14:37:44

BabyDolly are doing all of the antenatal classes in Nuneaton now so contact her for classes (01455 441036) Be sure to say you are having your baby at George Eliot as the classes are subsidised by them. TAMBA are national organisation supporting mums with Twins lots of info

babyicebean Wed 21-Oct-09 18:44:15

Hi there is an NCT Nearly New Sale on 7th November.There are also various NCT coffee mornings/open houses which are always a way to meet local mums and dads.

If you contact the Nuneaton branch of the NCT they can put you in touch with one of the commitee who will be able to help.

We are a friendly bunch and we always welcome new faces.

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