How much is the going rate for babysitters round here?

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MissM Sun 09-Nov-08 20:38:43

We've recently moved from London where we always used parents and friends. The 14 year-old next door is going to sit for us tomorrow - she's young, but her mum is right next door if needed. My question is, how much should we be paying her? We'll be home by 10 so it won't be late. Hope someone can help before tomorrow night!

onepieceoflollipop Sun 09-Nov-08 20:48:05

I live in the Midlands too and rates seem to vary hugely. We have used family friends etc, i.e. teenagers. If we are going out for just a couple of hours then we pay £10 in total. I also leave loads of snacks, biscuits etc and access to tv. If you are only going out say 7/8pm and back 10pm I would say £10-£15 would be fair. (or ask the mum/girl beforehand if she already has a "going" rate - some do)

If we are going to be later, then I tend to give a bit more than the £10.

Halimatou Fri 09-Jan-09 22:22:53

Any suggestions about how to find a babysitter. Just don't know any teenagers around here. If anyone knows a lovely teenager in the Earlsdon area of Coventry who wants to earn a bit of money occasionally I would so like to hear from them.

LunarSea Sat 10-Jan-09 22:09:23

Check out if the local college runs childcare/nursery nursing courses. The students on these courses are often keen for a bit of extra cash hands on experience.

Pauline67 Tue 13-Oct-09 20:30:38

Hi my daughter is a student nurse and is 19 and a car driver. She is police checked and 1st aid trained and is used to having children around as i am a childminder. She has been babysitting for a few years and at the moment has space for more work, at busy times can call on her sister ( my older daughter who is 21 and a teaching assistant ) for help.
For a chat please contact me.

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