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Netdad Sun 20-Jul-08 17:46:12

Hi, I'm a dad but posting here as there aren't many sites like this for dads, so I hope you don't mind!! Dads sometimes get a raw deal, but I too am trying to fit working life round being dad to a beautiful 3-year-old. I've just this week started out with my own business and would love some support from local mums. Please visit my website at I can personalise chocolate bars with text and pictures. They're great for kids' parties, birth announcements (especially cute as a birth annoucement from an older sibling!) and loads of other things too, including wedding favours. Being a small business I can give you the personal service and attention you often don't get with faceless multinationals, and I'll work with you all the way. Please support me as I know you all know how it is being a working parent. Sometimes us dads get forgotten! Email or call Gareth on 024 7659 0651.

wendiwoo Sun 07-Sep-08 21:35:53

Hi... read your message and just sending you a note of support!... hope you get your work/life balance right, mum or dad we are all in this parenthood minefield together! good luck with your new venture (perhaps you could take some samples to local mums and toddlers groups... chocolate always goes down well with us mums!)grin

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