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Benswifetobe Wed 04-Jul-12 10:57:15

Hi all, my darling daughter who is almost 3 now, is embarking on her terrible twos (if there is such a thing), she screams at almost anything i try to do (get her dressed, give her a meal, get her in/out of the car etc) unless its a hug or a cuddle. If she and I are on our own she is fine, but if there is any other person there at all, she screams for my attention. Her brother, my partner, it doesnt matter who it is. i ignore her if i know she is ok, ie she isnt hurt, or crying for a genuine reason, and let her get on with it. But sometimes the screaming and the temper is too much to ignore. She gets herself into such a state sometimes. I want to find a way of communicating with her whilst she is mid-paddy that will be effective in helping her calm down. All that seems to work is to give in and give her a cuddle, but i cant let her get into the habit of that, otherwise, she is winning everytime! HEEEELP!!! xxxx

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