Areas within 20 mins drive of the University Hospital, Coventry?

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SleepyCaz Fri 06-Jan-12 16:39:43

Leamington is lovely, Rugby is awful, IMO. Coventry has a few nice suburbs, Mount Nod, Stivichall, Earlsdon, all within 20-25 mins drive of UHCW smile

LynetteScavo Sun 20-Nov-11 18:39:09

Rugby town center - very close to shops and park

Leamington alternative

Both within 20 mins University hospital.

LynetteScavo Sun 20-Nov-11 18:29:03

Look at Leamington or Rugby. Far nicer than Coventry.

I love Leamington, nice shops, nice houses, nice park all in the town centre, but more expensive than Rugby.

Shakirasma Sun 20-Nov-11 18:24:33

The hospital is at walsgrave, there are some nice areas there and it is very near to Coombe Abbey country Park which is lovely.
Shilton is lovely if you fancy a village location.
If you want to live in a proper town rather than a Coventry city suburb then Nuneaton has loads of different type areas and all the shopping and park facilities you would expect of a large town.

cairnterrier Sun 16-Oct-11 11:48:40

Can anyone recommend any areas to look in near to the University Hospital? We're looking for a 4-5 bedroom house, to rent initially then to buy. Neither DH nor I have ever been to Coventry so aren't sure where to start. Not particularly fussed about rural/suburban but shops and playground within walking distance would be good.


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