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helabela Thu 29-Jul-10 18:17:45

hi im new to the site, i live in Bedworth, Warks and am looking for other mummys to be friends with who have baby/s of similar age to my daughter, 5 months. I can drive to meet up

BellsaRinging Thu 29-Jul-10 18:22:06

Hi, I'm due in October and have a 5y/o. I am very close to you, I think, in one of the nearby villages. How long have you lived in Bedworth?

Rebbel Tue 03-Aug-10 12:58:35

Hi, I'm also new to the site (joined today!)and have a 7 week old little girl. I live in Nuneaton so am close to you guys too. Would also like to meet up with other mummy's

emmylou157 Fri 03-Sep-10 20:03:54

I also live in Nuneaton. I have a 5 week old daughter and have only recently movrd here so would really like to meet up with other mums too.


MinouC Tue 28-Jun-11 22:09:09

Hi all. I can see this thread was written a good few months ago but I was interested in meeting up with other mums in the area and so wondered if any of you would like to meet up for coffee and cake one day. My little boy is younger, at 6 months old and my husband and I only moved to Nuneaton in December so I'm still trying to get used to the area. Hope motherhood is going well for you all. Look forward to hopefully hearing from you guys.

Minou x

enitan90 Sun 29-Apr-12 12:56:42

I moved to Coventry 2 years ago, I'm a single mum of two and I'm so lonely its unreal all of my family and friends are in London. It's not easy to make friends when there's not much I'm able to do while my sons are at school and nursery. Now I'm pregnant again and it all feels new to me for some reason. Wish I had some friends to talk to really

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