Moving to Falmouth area, new friends & work

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emmamariebeauty Mon 26-Sep-16 20:50:15

Hi ladies,
We are looking into moving to Cornwall in April next year. I'm looking into Falmouth at the moment for myself, my partner, daughter 9 years and son 2 years, so will be looking to make some friends when we move 😊 My biggest concern about moving is work. I currently am self employed working from home full time as an eyelash technician and HD brow specialist. Im in Essex at the moment and I'm very busy with it. I would like to do the same work if when we move, but I don't know how popular lashes and brows are in Cornwall? In particular Falmouth way? I know wages can be low, so do people have spare money to pay out for lashes and brows? Do many of you ladies or your friends have these done and on a regular basis? If anyone could please let me know I would be very greatfull.
Thank you x

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