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Anotherslicearthur Tue 12-Jan-16 13:29:34

Hi everyone!!
We are moving from Warrington to Falmouth in August, I've loved reading through various threads of families in a similar situation who are looking to move and also the advice from all the Ladies living there already. I currently have a small business and my intention is to move in the summer and start afresh. I know it's a risk but I do believe life is too short to wonder and so we are up for the adventure!! We have spent alot of time deciding on an area over the last 2-3 years, so we have made the decision as a family. My son is in the Sea Cadets so a unit nearby is important, we are moving from.a busy town so too rural wasn't an option for us, Falmouth & Penryn seem to ooze creativity which we loved, and there seems to be a collective pride in your area which is distinctively lacking where we currently live. We are very sociable so I'd really like us to get stuck in when we relocate and on previous stays I've enjoyed the welcoming spirit. Our reasons are really quite extensive.
Application to schools have already been made for my son who will start high school in September and we are coming down to Falmouth for the first week in Feb to visit primary schools for my daughter, she is currently in Yr 4. I do believe that Ofsted reports can only tell you so much about a school, so we are really looking forward to visiting them all and I'd really like to hear from anyone with kids about her to hear your opinions on the schools.
We will also be looking to rent a 3 bed house, but as I'm self employed the agents aren't filling me with hope!! Can anyone recommend the best way to find Private Landlords in the area? Is anyone else in a similar situation?? I am single parent so it's a big step and your advice would be massively valuable to me!!
Thanks in advance ladies 😀

melaniea Mon 08-Feb-16 19:36:45

Hello Anotherslicearthur!

I'm afraid I can't help much as we are in the same boat as you! Me, my husband and two children (daughter also year 4, and son year 3) are relocating to Falmouth as soon as we can sell our house. We're both self-employed too so can move anywhere really, and have also spent the last 2 years carefully considering where to go. We currently live in the Cotswolds (after stints in Brighton and London) but it's too sleepy for us and having been brought up on the south coast, I miss being by the sea!

I'd love to hear how it's been going for you so so far. We're in Falmouth for this February half term week + a couple of days and we'll be looking at some houses and schools too. And if anyone else has any top tips, that would be great.

I think it's brilliant that you're doing what you're doing, and call it an adventure. We're of the same opinion that life it too short! I can tell with your frame of mind and positivity you will make it work!

If you fancy meeting up once we're both in situ that would be great!


Anotherslicearthur Thu 11-Feb-16 22:56:19

Hiya melaniea
Thanks for your message! We had a great time last week, we visited all the primary schools except for Marlborough as it was oversubscibed, St Mary's was full too but the head still showed us round as she rightly said things can change. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised with all the schools. They all had their strengths, my daughter thoroughly enjoyed the tours and asked plenty of questions but she really felt a pull towards St Francis & St Mary's so they will be her 1st and second choices, which luckily I totally agreed with. So thats more research done and its just a matter of time now. Can't wait to start the house search but will have to wait as I'm renting. Been advised that it might be a case of paying 6 months upfront which is doable, but I think that's our biggest challenge yet...if anyone can offer advice on areas to avoid? that'd be handy! Meeting up sounds great melaniea I hope the visit goes well! Sam's in the city have an offer kids eat free between 4-6 mon-fri if you're in Truro at all..helped me out saved me some money and washing up lol!! Looking forward to hearing how you get on xx

DeadlyRuckus Sun 14-Feb-16 20:03:17

Just seen this - I am in Falmouth and have DC in primary school, Falmouth Primary (yr4 and yr2) as well as at secondary.

Where to avoid? Honestly, nowhere is terrible despite what some will tell you. Old Hill, The Beacon, Lambs Lane and Acacia Road area have a reputation but none of them are awful.

The biggest problem I understand with renting is that there is a big shortage of student accommodation so any house that can be turned into a HMO by landlords is being. But that is just an impression rather than personal experience.

I have lived in Falmouth for 6 years and love it here. I cannot think of anywhere else I would rather live now.

Anotherslicearthur Wed 17-Feb-16 22:36:36

Awww DeadlyRuckus thank you for your message. Made me smile hugely 🙌😁

melaniea Fri 25-Mar-16 09:58:23

Hi Anotherslicearthur. Sorry for delay in replying, it's been a busy few weeks getting the house ready to go on the market, it's now on so we'll see what happens next! We checked out St Mary's and St Francis and liked them both but we'll also look at the other schools when we're closer to moving. Like you say school places change all the time. We also looked at a few houses to get a feel for things but again we can't do much at the moment! How are your plans coming along? x thanks also for the info DeadlyRuckus!

Anotherslicearthur Fri 25-Mar-16 10:23:36

Hey Melaniea
Well things are good! We got the fab news that the eldest has been offered a place at his first choice of Falmouth School, so that is a huge relief!! I blubbed I was so happy!! He's got an Integration day in June so.we'll be popping down for a few days! I'm just waiting til nearer the time to do an in year transfer for the primary place for the youngest then they'll both be sorted and we can start looking for a house!! That's still the part I'm most worried about but Deadlyruckus has put my mind at ease a bit over areas and that will only be a temporary worry then we can start settling!! We'll be moving first week in August & the time is flying already!!! Best of luck.with the house!!!!! Keep us posted!! Xx

melaniea Fri 25-Mar-16 10:40:57

That's really great news Anotherslicearthur! One big thing ticked off the do list! Tell me, do you have a temporary address down there which you can use to apply for your daughter's primary school place before you find a house? Or do you know something we don't know as we've been told we can't apply for a place until we have an address down there. That's probably the thing that's causing us the most headache as we don't actually know where we're going to end up living!

beakles Wed 22-Jun-16 10:48:33

I moved to Falmouth in December 2015 and rented while we bought a house. Finding a rental was stressful and came down to the last minute because of our 2 cats. We had a house sale completion/exchange date, a removal company booked, school start date and no rental!

We found an add through Heather and Lay real estate which didn't mention no pets, and they gave us the house, then pulled out because of the pets! We offered another £50 per month and they said yes.
heather and Lay were ok, until the final moving out check where they charged for ridiculous things like fire alarm batteries that were low and a tiny hairline crack in the sink that was clearly years old.

Anyways, we got in to our house and all is good.
We got our third choice of School which was Falmouth primary, and although i wasn't too keen, my daughter has loved it and the teachers have been really nurturing. We stayed on the waiting list and are now number 2 for King Charles and Marlborough. I don't know which to go for if they both offer a space. Marlborough is the best on paper but King Charles is only a few minutes walk from home. Hmm.

When i applied for Schools from afar I used a friends address in Falmouth. They didn't seem too strict and i didn't have to give any proof. they just said let us know when you have your real address.

Good luck with the move! It was a bit stressful but now I am through the other side it is so worth it.

Id be up for meeting you ladies when you make it down

Flipflopsinwinter Wed 22-Jun-16 12:29:26

Hi- my kids were at Marlborough and now after a couple of years overseas couldn't get back in and my youngest is going to King Charles. Marlborough is a very lovely school- the Head has a very strong vision of child centred learning and my children were very happy there. It's also secular which was better for us. However, while I'm disappointed that we couldn't get DD2 back in with her old friends I'm not worried about her going to King Charles ~ it's been turned round after a tricky time a few years ago and is now linked to st francis and has made lots of positive changes. Friend's kids are happy there. If you are walking distance to King Charles it's really not much further at all to Marlborough - presuming you know the pedestrian cut through near the traffic lights by the rugby club end of the road King Charles is on?

DeadlyRuckus Wed 13-Jul-16 23:43:28

Ha Beakles! We may have passed each other in the playground shock

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