Planning a summer in Cornwall from West Coast of Canada

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VICanada Fri 03-Jul-15 03:04:10

Hello! We live in Victoria, BC, Canada and are contemplating a two month stay in Cornwall next summer. My husband would spend half the time on holiday, half the time working. We have two daughters who will be 3 and 6 then. We will fly to Heathrow, visit the in-laws in Essex for a few days, then head to Cornwall for as many weeks as we can. I've been to St. Ives and we've spent several holidays in Devon and Dorset. Usually we spend our holidays driving around seeing as much as we can, but this time we would like a base for several weeks and to live as the locals do. I'm looking for a less touristy village, kid friendly and walking distance to shops and beach(es). We may also do some camping around Cornwall, but looking for the perfect base to call home for a few weeks. We'd be looking for simple, clean accommodation such as a 2 bed flat in a village (we'll likely rent a car but I don't want to drive).

Where are your favourite places to live? Holiday?

And lastly, one of my daugther's has severe allergies - so any tips on allergy-friendly places to eat, would be most welcome. (Allergic to dairy, eggs, nuts).

Thank you!

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