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flupskullion Mon 15-Jun-15 22:18:59

We are moving to cornwall on 24 th july! Renting for a month in penryn - have a dd 7 and ds9. Will aim to buy once school is fixed. Nervous, scared, excited all at once!!! Please remind me how lovely you all are and that Cornwall folk are uber friendly x

thekitchenfairy Mon 15-Jun-15 22:24:03

Yes it's lovely here -- but a little chilly today, sadly!

Where are you moving to?

thekitchenfairy Mon 15-Jun-15 22:27:02

Gah! Sorry I see you will be in Penryn. Make sure you keep all your mouldy bacon, drive out to the pandora inn one evening when the tide is in-ish, out-ish..... Give the kids crab lines (£5) from the pub or buy from .trago in Falmouth ... Sit back and enjoy the view, the entertainment that is crabbing and maybe a large white wine for yourself!

Best of luck OP, my youngest .ds is 9. No better place to raise children gringrin

PartyFops Tue 16-Jun-15 12:03:49

OOh fab! welcome. I'm only up the road from Penryn. It really is the most wonderful place Yesterday, I went down to Grebe Beach near Durgan for an hours sunbathe and a packed lunch, I had the whole beach to myself and the dog . It really was Idyllic.

And yy to Pandora. I may have to go and do that one sunny evening before the emmets arrive. smile

flupskullion Tue 16-Jun-15 14:38:24

is an emmett like a grockle? I grew up in Devon and called holiday makers that, or is it something even more odd?

PartyFops Tue 16-Jun-15 16:02:16

Yep, the bleddy tourists!! grin

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