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olivertheoctopus Tue 20-Jan-15 18:25:36

Hello!! We have pretty decided to swap our city centre living life in Cambridge for a life in beautiful Fowey. We're off to look at houses and look round the primary school and pre-school later this week. We will be living in a house my parents have down there for a while before we buy. We know Fowey pretty well having holidayed there for a good 10 years or so and we will hopefully be mortgage free once we sell our house here. I am giving up my job as a solicitor (had already resigned before we decided to move) to spend more time with my kids and try to build up my craft business. I'd love to hear from anyone down there with any useful 'insider' tips that only the locals know. I have 3 boys aged 6, almost 4 and 18 months.

Shotgun Tue 20-Jan-15 20:09:59

Wow that's a big move. Bumping for you. I know Fowey as we go frequently also but by no means a local.

olivertheoctopus Wed 21-Jan-15 21:05:51

Thanks Shotgun, we are very very very excited!

Flybytheseatofyourpants Fri 12-Jun-15 19:29:14

Hi have you moved yet? We are moving to charlestown in Aug (to be near family after years and years away! I grew up in the area but left when I was 20) I have three dc aged 7, nearly 5 and 18 months, I've always loved fowey, hope it's all working out as planned, we are leaving a big city too and I can't wait now, (can recommend trips up to Exeter for shopping though and Truro has lots fab shops ) hope we get a nice summer!

Flybytheseatofyourpants Fri 12-Jun-15 19:31:27

Oh yes your boys may like bens playworld and rick stein has.lamded at fistral now too so if u are over Newquay way then nice fish n chips on the beach!

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