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Pops81 Sun 23-Nov-14 07:11:22

Hi mummies!
I am looking to open a child friendly cafe and would love to know what you like/find helpful when meeting friends with your little ones for coffee and cake/lunch, and also what drives you mad!
I look forward to hearing from you, thanks!

Querce Sun 23-Nov-14 07:51:36

Please let this be in North Cornwall somewhere?

Good changing facilities, quality, clean high chairs with working safety straps, a menu that caters for real tinies, love that Zizzis have a standard child's menu plus a smaller option. No nuggets or "goujons"! Colouring stuff and some small toys is nice. Patient, friendly waiting staff who like children.

To be honest the quality of the adult food would sway me as much as anything.

Pops81 Sun 23-Nov-14 09:07:46

That's great, thanks Querce. I'll let you know some more details once all is confirmed!

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