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TR4Lady Wed 05-Nov-14 11:21:47

I hope this hasn't been discussed to death...! Am currently looking at secondaries in Truro for dd (10), and would like people's opinions on Truro School vs Richard Lander. She's very motivated and is on the top table at primary so would do well at either (curse of the hormones permitting) - however, she's also quite shy, and speaking to her, you'd find it hard to believe the results she gets - she just isn't good at communicating.

I'm interested in Truro School as I'm hoping she'll pick up that confidence (or at least, pretence of it) that private school children seem to have. Am I being totally ridiculous - will small classes where she can't hide and has to speak out help her fulfil her potential, or should I just send her to RL and save my money? We have come into an inheritance that means TS would be fine financially, unless they took to 10%+ pa inflation.

She would prefer to go to RL with her two best friends - though one is equally shy and we'd like to separate them as they just become a circle of introverted-ness together, while the other is a social butterfly and I know will dump her to explore other friendships (signs of this already with new arrivals in their school this year). Friend 2 is a great girl and I have a lot of time for her as compared to friend 1, who is hard work - but she just likes to have a lot of friends, whereas dd likes one or two close friends and that's it. Thanks for reading this far - any advice about your experiences / how you find pupils from each school? Sair x

thekitchenfairy Sat 08-Nov-14 07:48:23

Hi TR4- if you didn't have the inheritance would you even be considering this? I say this because in RLS you have a school with all the resources that TS has, some first class teachers - and no fees.

RLS is doing some things for its students and families extremely well: transition from primary, communication with parents, IB are the top of my list. Te ethos is strong and welcoming and they pay attention to the individual child - no mean feat in a school of its size.

Sme things to consider about TS: it is merging with the girls school and the next few years will be a time of considerable change for that school.

RLS will work to transition your shy child and she will find her place. There are so many opportunities for children to embrace the school they join i think this is something that makes RLS special. IMO if she really doesn't settle/thrive you can move her.

I spent 6 yrs as a local school gov feel free to ask some more questions!

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