St Joseph's- Launceston

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averyyoungkitten Wed 29-Jan-14 05:57:44


Anyone here with DC at St Josephs?

Does anyone know if it is true that St Josphs are planning on opening a sixth form? If not, where do the DC go after 16 now? Thanks.

thekitchenfairy Tue 11-Feb-14 06:15:58

Hi Kitten

I couldn't confirm if they are opening a sixth form, but the College is pretty good if you don't mind moving to a mixed school for .a levels.

I have friends who have put their children through Jospehs and been happy with it, but not that recently. It has consistently good results, and i believe the nearest other .catholic girls school is Tavistock... A bit of a trek!

Hope this helps grin

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