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LocalEditorCornwall Sun 27-Oct-13 07:23:09

Well, we've come through a very stormy night in Truro.

The thread on the main site is moving fast so I am starting another here as it looks like we will get a pasting before the rest of the country and some of you might be checking your local page grin

No need for sandbags as we live on a hill, though I am watching the telegraph pole and tree opposite with mistrust.

We are pretty well stocked up, but sending DH for milk, bread... and wine.

cornishtsar Sun 27-Oct-13 08:21:34

We are all ready here nr fowey.

My friends are laughing at my preparations.... We'll see.

LocalEditorCornwall Sun 27-Oct-13 08:43:49

I am taking no chances! We lost a chunk of roof and had no phone for a few days in the storm a couple of years ago that was reported not at all...

TR4Lady Sun 27-Oct-13 09:01:32

Near Perran-ar-worthal - we always get power flickers, if not cuts, owing to all the massive trees that seem to commit suicide and flop onto the lines whenever the wind gets up. Our house is georgian - luckily we had the wobbly high chimneys re-done this summer, so hopefully one won't be paying us a surprise visit in the night. Very windy at the moment, though.

Ds is supposed to be going to the outdoor laser tag centre in Scorrier for a birthday party this afternoon. In amongst lots of trees, which is a bit worrying...

cornishtsar Sun 27-Oct-13 09:17:31

We've already had two power cuts this morning. It was the toaster at fault though both times!

thekitchenfairy Sun 27-Oct-13 09:47:15

Hello everyone!
DS is off to football, and has packed extra layers and a thermos of Origins hot choc! I am glad to be at home tbh.
DH thinks it is all a load of hype as we regularly get 50mph winds down 'ere and is not seeing the point of locating torches, blankets... Wine and milk... He is ok, the home brew is now ready grin
Keep safe ladies, there's an air of calm before the storm out there!

TR4Lady Sun 27-Oct-13 11:17:12

It is clouding over now... KitchenFairy, feel for your ds. Why do they do it? I stood out in a thunderstorm near Penzance last Sunday morning watching ds slide about in the rain while chasing a bag of wind up and down a pitch smile

I too wonder if it is a load of old hype - this isn't the calmest part of the British Isles. Nice to see us included in the news for once, though.

LocalEditorDevon Sun 27-Oct-13 16:50:09

Just reading through your posts and starting to think that we are not prepared at all here! Don't even have a torch sad

Antidote Sun 27-Oct-13 22:53:35

Breezy now in Saltash

cornishtsar Mon 28-Oct-13 06:48:31

All ok everyone?

Antidote Mon 28-Oct-13 07:05:27

Seems ok.haven't been outside yet....

Antidote Mon 28-Oct-13 07:36:43

House is fine, boats outside look ok. We have a small branch off one of the trees in the front. Luckily the huge London plane tree and the copper beech next door survived

LocalEditorCornwall Mon 28-Oct-13 09:40:50

Morning ladies!
Is everyone safe? Our phone line dropped off yesterday shortly after posting, could not get anything up on mobile site so sorry for dropping off.

DS had hideous footiematch, he won 5:1 but was still shivering and wind chapped at 4pm!...Agree TR4, why do they do it...and why do they not listen to their mothers and wear the hats we pack when they are standing on the sidelines???

I am now up nr Launceston, v remote valley and we were up all night felt like we got battered on all sides! Leaking roof, a lot of garden debris to clear up but power is back on and other wise all good.

My DM is off for supplies... kids are whipped up and wild with the wind, but it is too gusty to go out safely. I should have asked her to get wine...

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