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thekitchenfairy Mon 21-Oct-13 10:55:14

Slowly, slowly (it's a long job!) I am populating the listings for Cornwall & Scillies. MN have a local focus every week which I am using as my guidelines, but what do you lot want? What would be most helpful to you? Please let me know so I can prioritise.

Check out half term / Halloween listings as these are looking pretty good, lots of ideas and some old local favourites have made an appearance.

Is it activities for older children? Things for you ie where is good to shop, a good haircut, or do you want to know about schools and holiday clubs?

I really want to get this working for all of us, but struggling to know which direction to take.

Thanks in advance! smile

thekitchenfairy Fri 01-Nov-13 20:54:26

So. Lets keep it simples.

Baby groups?

Christmas days out?

Schools reviews?

Info for newbie to Cornwall Mumsnetters?

If you don't tell me what you would read, I can't post it for you. Please let me know what you need from these local listings.

Thank you thanks

Nejifer Tue 05-Nov-13 17:23:06

I'm a Guider and have put information about some of our local units on. I can put all of the units in my local area on but am not sure of the dates and times of other units.

BadRoly Tue 05-Nov-13 20:22:26

I think a lot of difficulty comes from this being so separate from the main site - I mainly use the app and this place just doesn't seem to exist on there!

I would appreciate information on when the 'locals' offers are on, eg Gweek seal sanctuary is £5pp for an annual pass during February with proof of address. Or if there are 2for1 vouchers in the West Briton etc as my dc are all now at school so we get hit in the school holidays.

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