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Caro500 Wed 24-Jul-13 13:52:46

Off to Cornwall next week, been going on and off for 20 years but never done surf school, DS1 aged 11 wants to go to surf school, so where should we go and do we need to book? Is one day enough? He has a wet suit and wet shoes from endless Cub and Scout things and he can of course swim!

We are staying in the Lizard Pennisula near Coverack.


thekitchenfairy Mon 05-Aug-13 23:03:17

The Dan Joel surf school at Poldhu is brilliant and you will get a really attentive, first class instructor. Not to mention a beautiful location, and less busy than falmouth. Talk to Dan, but it depends how dexterous your DS is already, I would say 2 half days rather than a full day have worked for my lads.

His number is 07974941575 and check out

Good luck - hope it brightens up for you!

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