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Gomamago Mon 01-Jul-13 22:30:44

Hello! We are currently in north east and oldest dd will be in yr1 in sept, dd2 will start reception next year. We are researching a move to Cornwall. Currently dd at an outstanding ofsted school and we couldn't be happier with it or her progress and enjoyment! So I am very nervous about moving them! I would like to be within walk distance of school and amenities like shops post office etc, I love Truro, so far only bosvigo school seems like might be what I'm after! Says its oversubscribed , the school we have now is massively so but we made sure to rent then buy within sight of it so am happy to do same again if distance frm school is what gets you in as it is in this authority. So.....
What are best schools in Truro or very near to?
Will I have to go far out like goonharven? (Have read this a good sch)
What is best secondary school?
Is bosvigo really good?! I am aware ofsted is not the be all and end all but am a teacher and can read between the lines! Is hard to visit as we are so far away but I know you get a feel for a school when you can visit.
Any help very much appreciated!
Should I re focus search, eg around Newquay? Fam near Truro/Newquay/ north coast.

thekitchenfairy Tue 23-Jul-13 00:44:32

Hi there, would you like to PM me? I have been a primary school,governor in .Truro for 5 years, both my children are in the primary system and I have friends all over the district.too, very happy to talk to you some more and yes, Bosvigo is excellent, but judging by the catchment area for the September cohort, you have to be living close to school to be in with a chance of a place... Less than 0.5 of a mile away ...

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