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nicole1605 Tue 28-May-13 08:36:56

Hi my names nicole I'm 23 with a great 2 year year old boy I have just moved to truro and don't know any body or any where. I have no idea where to start making friends or attending groups that are easy to get to as I have had to give up my car and everything seems so far away. If anybodys got any ideas or you live local and wouldn't mind being a bit of a guid please let me know thanks smile xx

thekitchenfairy Mon 03-Jun-13 23:11:23

Where abouts in Truro are you? Can you get yourself down to the Pottery Playgroup, Monday, .wednesday, Friday 9-10.30. Sophie who runs it is lovely tell her .rachel sent you, she rescued me in a similar situation a few years ago!

Lovely group, lovely mums, in fact PM me to let me know when you might be going and I will have someone look out for you!

Sadly mine are well into school age now so I don't pop,in that often!

I would recommend getting the train to falmouth docks one day if its sunny, a small walk to castle beach which is v young toddler friendly.

3 local Truro parks, all lovely, safe, and with room enough for a picnic!

PM me if you need anything else, a good hairdresser... The best pasty in town, what do do on a wet Sunday, that kind of thing :-)

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