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gmami1 Wed 24-Apr-13 11:23:51


I am a german mum to an 8 year old boy and am looking for a child minder in Truro. It would be starting 2nd week of July 2013, including during summer break, as i will be working. During school time i would only need help for 2 hours a day, and possible school pick up.
My son does understand almost all english, since we speak that at home, but will most likely answer in german/swiss german, since we currently live in Switzerland smile.
Who could recommend a good child minder, who maybe even understands some german or is not afraid of the little language barrier. My son was born in the US, he spoke english until he was 3 1/2, when we moved to Switzerland, so now we are going back to an english speaking country, and i am confident that he will pick up the spoken english quite fast smile.

Thank you,


thekitchenfairy Tue 07-May-13 21:26:42

Hello Janet... I really struggled with childminders in .truro, there are a couple who are fantastic, but the wrong side of town for me and both with huge lists.

Have you thought about a after school club? Do you know which school your sun will go to? Bosvigo is lovely, quite a few languages/nationalities given the area. It has a wonderful breakfast and after school club and your child does not have to be at bosvigo to use the holiday club.

Are you moving to up the town or a nearby village? When do you arrive?

Good luck with your move, happy to answer any other Truro questions you have.... Good activities for boys... Local bars worth a visit... The best beaches within 20 minute drive ;-)

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