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katewierenga Tue 16-Apr-13 17:22:57

Hi, my name's Kate Wierenga, I'm a third year photography student at Falmouth University. I am currently doing a project about different Birth Spaces in Cornwall, taking photographs of different places that women have given birth, and getting them to write about their birth experience and their connection to their birth space.
If you, or you know of anyone who has given birth at home, at either Penrice or Helston birth centres, or anywhere completely different / random, and would be happy to meet me and take part in the project, please contact me on here, or my email is: and my phone number is 07988646856.
There is no time space requirement for the project, so it doesn't matter if you gave birth two weeks ago or twenty years ago. And if the birth space has changed / been converted to something else / isn't there anymore that's absolutely fine too!
I look forward to getting some responses!
Thank you, Kate Wierenga

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