Moving to near Newquay.... but not Newquay..... recommendations for nearby villages needed please!

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BabyByTheBeach Fri 01-Mar-13 15:16:47

We're possibly moving to near Newquay soon. I definitely don't want to live there so where do you recommend nearby? It needs to be half an hour or less drive and preferably by the sea. I'm not keen on perranporth although like the beach, st Agnes is lovely but not sure what it has for toddlers, wadebridge I liked but have only visited once and padstow I like (although not keen on the crazy business in the summer).
Anyway, anyone know any other villages nearby I may like? My main criteria are nearish sea, 30 mins from Newquay, toddler group/lovely mums and not chavtastic (snob?!).
Does anyone know what St Columb major is like? It's very near the airport? Anyone from there who can tell me how noisy it is?
Thank you!

Sandyhands Sun 03-Mar-13 22:30:07

Hello! St Columb Major is ok, the outskirts are nice. I wouldn't recommed living in the town. Its a couple of miles from the airport but I can't imagine you'd notice it. Nice nearby villages are St Mawgan (very pituresque), Mawgan Porth not quite so but lovely beach. Anywhere along the coast either way out of Newquay really. Crantock, Cubert. St Mawgan is where the airport is but its not that busy, I wouldn't say it was a noise nuisance. You're right about Padstow, mega busy in the summer.

newtothearea2013 Sun 07-Jul-13 22:59:50

Hi, my family and I have just moved to near Cubert from the Northwest (inbetween Liverpool and Manchester). Cubert is a lovely little village and about 5 minutes from Holywell bay beach which is gorgeous.

My daughter goes to cubert primary school and she loves it. x

thekitchenfairy Tue 16-Jul-13 21:26:46

Cubert and Crantock are lovely but you may get more for your money in St.Newlyn East or Mount Hawke. Lovely community villages and not far from the beach. Mount Hawke is great for Chapel Porth and Porthtowan.

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