33 yo w/ 11yo seeking similar!

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reprogal Thu 04-Nov-10 16:07:13

I'm a working single mum with an 11 year old boy. we live in Truro and I'm, looking to meet up with/ chat to mums in a similar position to myself.

Altho I have a fairly healthy (1 night a week) social life most of my friends are childless singles, or just starting new families.
Especially now my son has started secondary school I'm finding it increasingly difficult to meet women in a similar position as there is no longer the after school chit chat - even if most of the time I was busy working and missed it!

Sometimes it would just be nice to sit back and have a chat we people who are also dealing with homework issues and after school club commitments rather than the biggest problem being what's happening on a Saturday night!

all advice welcomed. thanks

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