dont shoot!-interesting christmas tree proposal!!!!

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hereidrawtheline Thu 17-Sep-09 16:39:10

Ok a MNer posted this link on a thread in the xmas topic. This guy is in Dorset, he delivers potted trees to you, then collects them after xmas is over, replants them, then they go through the same process next year! It is rent a tree!

They are a bit more expensive than buying a real tree but actually not astronomically so IIRC and you get delivery and collection so no hassle of how to dispose of the bugger afterwards. And it is really environmentally healthy which is his whole point in doing it.

I emailed him and asked him if he would deliver to Essex and he said he would, but as his objective is to be environmentally sound it would be too much a carbon footprint to come all this way to just deliver my tree. So he said if I can get 10 people in the area to place a tree order with him that he'd deliver in one fell swoop I could have my tree free! Which is a bit cheeky from me to you but I hasten to add it wasnt my plan it was just what he offered me, and otherwise I dont think I will be able to get my tree from him anyway due to said carbon footprint.

So, if anyone is interested let me know! senatorvass at gmail dot com The neat thing is you can even get a tag or something so you get the same tree year after year "hello tree, nice to see you again!"

I am a certified Christmas nut so there you go... grin

scotal Wed 21-Oct-09 07:10:32

Why don't you buy a pot grown tree and keep it in the garden yourself?
Then the only emissions are the first set in delivering it to you and not all the other journeys back and forward.
Dead easy to keep - just pot it into a bigger pot, keep it watered but not wet and it will get bigger every year.
I bought one from Scottish Christmas Trees last year and it looks better than ever.

pooter Wed 21-Oct-09 18:01:58

i dont think the link is working herei - i may be interested depending on the price. Id like to get a real one this year - im getting way too excited about christmas this year because DS is going to be old enough to kind of understand what is happening. My main problem is not giving him his presents before xmas. Im afraid he's already had a new garage for no good reason - just because i bought it (bargaintastic btw) and knew he would love it blushblush

scotal Wed 21-Oct-09 23:17:19

Not sure which link isn't working for you - is working for me - as is the other link to 'christmastreeman'
You can also get 10% off at scottish Christmas trees by using the discount code sct09/ms at the checkout.

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