Best things to do with a 15mo?

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TFINaptime Tue 01-Sep-09 13:17:41

I'm a SAHM trying to fill my week a bit more so that I don't go crazy. I'm particularly interested in any toddler groups in the Stanway area. Does anyone have any advice?!

Lifeinagoldfishbowl Tue 01-Sep-09 13:20:15

Can you travel? There are loads of great things in Colchester.

TFINaptime Tue 01-Sep-09 13:21:19

Yep, travelling is no prob. Any particular recommendations? Thanks!

MissisBoot Tue 01-Sep-09 13:31:54

Have you checked out the Childrens Centres?

They've got loads of things going on?

Mung Tue 01-Sep-09 13:55:36

There is a Toddler Group in Copford on a Friday morning. I also think there is one in Stanway on a Tuesday afternoon.

Mung Tue 01-Sep-09 13:56:03

I got a zoo card to fill those long afternoons!

pooter Tue 01-Sep-09 19:06:41

have a look at the colchester school of gymnastics here i took my ds to the baby gym for ages and have just started the toddler gym - he has a whale of a time.

TFINaptime Thu 03-Sep-09 17:43:08

Thanks for all suggestions. I've checked out the gymnastics website and that looks great. I already have a zoo card which I should use more. Thanks again.

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