Are there any "Dads and toddler" things to go to on a Sat/sun?

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pooter Sat 13-Jun-09 19:15:19

Hi everyone - im trying to get DH to take DS out on his own for a couple of hours at the weekend - to give me a break and to let DS have some proper daddy time. Does anyone know if there are any organised things for Dads to take little ones to? He is too little for weekend football etc - he's only 2.5. i think it would be good for DH too, to meet some other Dads.

ta smile

Mung Sun 14-Jun-09 19:30:15


Musikate session at Hythe with Vicky.

Twims Sun 14-Jun-09 19:59:57

Check out the sure start wbesite - as I think they have Saturday dad/tot sessions at all off their centres.

pooter Sun 14-Jun-09 20:02:49

hmm - interesting - will check out both of your suggestions. Thanks!

pooter Mon 15-Jun-09 15:33:53

im signing DH up for four weeks of musikate starting in july grin

now....what to do with that precious hour to myself...

probably washing.

Mung Mon 15-Jun-09 20:44:21

The Kindermusic sessions are great. I hope DH and DS love it as much as we do.

SparklyPrincess Wed 17-Jun-09 20:33:29

"now....what to do with that precious hour to myself..."

Go running!!

pooter Thu 18-Jun-09 12:20:10

oh pants - you are right SP, but it just wasnt the answer i was looking for! grin

I have two weddings to go to this summer, and i have hedged my bets and bought one dress that fits me now - size 16 and one that is a size 12 (hahahaha - what was i thinking!!) So obviously i cant lose to much weight or my fave dress wont fit me, and its surely impossible to lose two dress sizes in 6 weeks, so im never going to wear the size12.

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