Chelmsford 3foot festival 1st, 2nd and Third July

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MadameCastafiore Mon 18-May-09 12:34:41

Tickets go on sale 2nd June - is a festival for kids under 3 foot tall in central Chelmsford.

No idea how much tickets are or anything else but it is supposed to be a brilliant day out.

MissisBoot Mon 18-May-09 19:55:18

I saw this advertised recently and was hoping to go but we're on holiday then - friends have said its a great day out!

hereidrawtheline Mon 18-May-09 20:02:06

what sort of stuff do they do there? this says price but not many details about what's on offer.

Mung Mon 18-May-09 21:17:25

I've heard that its great. Cannot make it this year though.

sherby Mon 18-May-09 21:18:32

Yay yay yay, we have been for the last two years and it is fab

Tickets go so fast so get in there quick!

Sawyer64 Mon 18-May-09 21:34:23

I used to go when I lived in Chelmsford.

Lots of stalls,and sideshow activities aimed at the DC's ie.Puppet Shows,Art and craft,sand Play etc.

Tickets go incredibly fast,all gone in a few hour usually.

LisaJones Sun 19-Jun-11 08:48:27

Hi all I have tickets for sale for the 3 foot festival if any one is interested in taking their little ones, see them on ebay or call or txt me Lisa on 07791091643

Kenken10 Wed 03-Jul-13 09:57:54

Hi everyone, I have tickets available. Two adults and one under 2 for tomorrow Thursday. txt me on 07896983620.

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