Swimming lessons?

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Sawyer64 Sat 04-Apr-09 17:52:45

Does anyone know where I can get swimming lessons for DD1?
They have to be after school,as she is there full-time.

I have tried leisureworld,but they start in May,and we go away in June,so she'd miss some.

Tried Swim-with-me and First Strokes.One is shut for Easter,the other one is £76,which seems a bit steep.sad

I would like to get her started ASAP,so she has some water skills by June if possible.

rrrayray Sun 05-Apr-09 19:50:42

Try Braintree Swimming pool. Went there today, lovely, and i know they do swimming lessons, if your prepared to drive a bit.

AnnasBananas Sun 05-Apr-09 20:36:52

We go to First Strokes. It is expensive at £76 but the lessons are great and the pool warm and clean.

You could get started at First Strokes immediately as the new term starts mid April and runs to mid June. 10 lessons in a term.

Mung Sun 05-Apr-09 20:51:14

Are there no crash courses with Swim with me? They normally do things in the holidays. I used to take DS to them and I always thought they were good and reasonably priced.

I have struggled to get beyond the rude receptionists at First Strokes...I have been to enquire on 3 different occasions and each time they have been rude and unhelpful. Different people each time, I may add...not sure what is wrong with them there, but they have no manners.

morethanyoubargainfor Sun 05-Apr-09 20:54:17

my Ds goes to the Essex on a saturday mornig, he is learning with splashtastic. We have found these to be really good. They have no more than 8 in a class with two teachers that are always in the pool with the children. They also o crash course in the holiday which my ds did two weeks of last summer and did really well.

MrsMagooo Sun 05-Apr-09 21:38:34

DD is signed up to start at Walton, the waiting list is about 6 months though so we signed DD up at Xmas as they don't start til age 3 so in theory she'll be 3 by the time her turn comes around.

That said the lady did say they usually get a few cancellations so might be worth giving them a ring?

£40 for a 10 week course.

Sawyer64 Sun 05-Apr-09 22:02:47

Thankyou everyone.I am trying with Swim-with- me, Mung but they are now shut until after Easter.

The receptionists I have dealt with at First Strokes,to be fair have been polite,quite young and not able to tell me much before passing me over to someone senior.smile

Sounds ok the lessons,but a bit steep for us at the moment,with 3 DC's needing to tap into our "cash tree" endlessly at the momenthmm

Where or what is "The Essex" Morethanyoubargainfor*?

and MrsM,normally I would go further afield,but as DD1 is only 4 and at school all day,I think swimming after school is going to be hard,without a 20 minute+ journey to add on,but thankyou anyway.smile

morethanyoubargainfor Mon 06-Apr-09 08:32:49

the Essex is the health and golf club in between earls colne and marks tey. splastastic office is in braintree as they also use the xpect gym in braintree.

Sawyer64 Mon 06-Apr-09 09:12:09

Ok thanks morethan smile

Mung Mon 06-Apr-09 13:31:45

I think MadameCastafiore used to go to the xpect gym with her DS and seemed to like the lessons. I may check those out too, as ds is not doing much swimming whilst at the Braintree pool.

MadameCastafiore Tue 07-Apr-09 07:46:31

They were brill at xpect Mung.

DD goes to First Strokes and I would be cross and unhelpful surrounded by that many kids - it is a bit busy and noisy. She is not doing great due to her laziness (DH is taking her today to speak to teacher and give DD the talking to of her lifetime - we pay a bloody fortune and she can't be arsed to bloody make an effort!)

DS goes to Benton Hall (although you have to be a member) they used to be run by Splashtastic but are now run in house as Alexis the owner of Splashtastic sold it and their best teacher left. They are good as there is so few kids in the class that they get really good quality time with he instructors.

I would say that Xpect was the best that you didn't have to be a member for - Benton Hall is good for me as I stick DS in creche and do a run before his lessons but if I based it solely on the lessons I would deffo go to Xpect if I were you.

Hope you are OK - DS asked after your DS the other day so we should get together soon for a coffee (or peppermint tea now I am on the wagon!).


MadameCastafiore Tue 07-Apr-09 07:47:56

Oh - stay away from the public pool in Witham - it is vile, gross, disgusting - took me 4 hours to relax my nostrils afetr going there the look of distatse was such!!!

Mung Tue 07-Apr-09 09:52:55

One more comment about Braintree...it doesn't have chlorine in the water. Its filtered through UV filters...or something like that. Anyway, for my DS who has sensitive skin, it is great. I also love the fact that they dont come home stinking of swimming pools.

Oh yes MC...email me.

rrrayray Tue 07-Apr-09 21:33:50

Mung- i didn't know that. and spent AGES giving DD a REALLY good wash to ensure there wasn't any chlorine on her skin! doh.

She loved it, shes 10 weeks now, Taking her again on thurs!

Mung Mon 08-Jun-09 21:00:19

If anyone is still searching for lessons, I had this place recommended to me today.


Sawyer64 Wed 10-Jun-09 21:22:01

Thanks Mung.She sounds good doesn't she?

Managed to get DD1 into leisureworld afterall.

She only had 2 lessons before we went to Malta,but she's come on leaps and bounds on holiday,now swimming. (albeit with Armbands)smile

Swim-with-me rang me this week to inform me they have some places now too,so if anyone else needs a place....?

WendyLit Thu 09-Jul-09 13:42:42


Bit late but does anyone know how much the baby and toddler lessons are at swim with me?



Sawyer64 Thu 09-Jul-09 22:23:32

Not sure but they are more expensive for lessons.£70,the leisureworld was £39.95.

Have you looked on the Website?

Mung Thu 09-Jul-09 22:40:59

I went to Kerry Wright today and it was good. Cheaper than many of the others of the same. I think it works out as £5 a lesson.

Sawyer64 Fri 10-Jul-09 22:03:48

Apparently LAFitness do swimming lessons too,and they are reasonable.

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