Race for life 2009

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pooter Sat 24-Jan-09 14:19:48

Anyone fancy joining me? After last year's embarrassment i am going to try to actually run this time.

SP i seem to remember you cant make the sun 17th May in Castle park, but how about if we do the Sun 26th July at the Uni?

Just going to dust off my trainers, then have a sit down and a nice cup of tea...wink

pooter Sat 24-Jan-09 14:20:39

I meant to add the link here duhh.

Saz126 Sun 25-Jan-09 21:30:41

Would love to, but am pregnant, baby due 2nd July! I could always walk it I guess but might save myself for 2010!

Sawyer64 Sun 25-Jan-09 22:06:17

Oooooooh Saz! Fantastic news!!!!

Fabulous EDDwink......DD1's birthday.grin

purpleflower Mon 26-Jan-09 08:11:34

Congratulations Saz

You could aim to have it 10 days early, then it can share a birthday with me

MadameCastafiore Mon 26-Jan-09 08:49:06

|Brilliant news Saz - congratulations - I weas waiting for this.

I have the coat for you that goes with the little Gillet you took - found it hiding away from DS! Will drop it round on the way to or from school later in the week.

I hope you are feeling ok.

We have started a running club here in the village and they mentioned doing race for life - so I will ask them about it tonight and hopefully the 6 of us mums will join you all with the running.

Mung Mon 26-Jan-09 14:28:53

A running club...thats very good!

Great news Saz...looking forward to seeing the bump on Thursday at Sawyer's. You are coming, aren't you?

I am sure I still hurt from the last race for life...so count me out! I have just decided that fat and exercise free is better for me grin

pooter Mon 26-Jan-09 15:49:33

Saz, thats brilliant!! congratulations!

madame, running club sounds good! let me know which one you plan to race in and i'll sign up for that one.

mung....you do realise this is all your fault dont you?? although i like your philosophy. once when dh was getting down about his weight i told him it was time to 'embrace the fat'. I have just sent him to asda to buy me some yumyums blush

Saz126 Mon 26-Jan-09 21:11:07

Thanks all. I am growing at great speed, and over 5 months still to go!!

Madame, excellent, I should be in both Thursday and Friday at school pick up or drop off times.

Mung, yes hoping to make it Thursday, although I forgot that I have midwife appointment at 9.30 so hopefully they won't be running late. So Madame I might not be there Thurs AM, will need to leave home at 9.15 to give me plenty of waddling time!

I realised today that I haven't done any exercise since the Race for Life last year! How lazy is that!!

SparklyPrincess Tue 27-Jan-09 13:59:30

OMG Saz - congratulations!!

Pooter - sorry about late reply, I can do either dates so happy to fit in the MC's running club on that. My main plan is to do a 10k in September/October so a 5 would be a nice 'practice' - would like to run the whole thing this year too!

See, I sound like I'm really enthusiastic but in fact I'm a delusional lazy arse.

Am going to try to go tomorrow when DD1's at playgroup...

Mung Tue 27-Jan-09 21:35:30

The sun drew me off the sofa today and I went for a bike ride and towed the kids in the trailer...still no sign of running shoes though grin

SparklyPrincess Wed 11-Feb-09 08:53:34

MC did you sort out which date you're going for?

I'm happy with either!

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