Angiewoo? Are you ok?

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Sawyer64 Mon 05-Jan-09 14:19:10

Haven't heard from you for a while.Hope you've had a nice Christmas.

MrsMagooo Mon 05-Jan-09 15:47:36

I saw AW jut before Xmas (have text since then) DS had been a bit poorly prior to Xmas but think all is well now

Sawyer64 Mon 05-Jan-09 18:15:32

Have E mailed you MrsM.

Angiewoo Tue 06-Jan-09 14:01:51


Sorry I've not been on for ages, but we've all been really ill - yet again!!! We've all had the flu virus thing and it seems to have just wiped us out. I've been spending the last couple of days curled up on the settee with DS asleep which normally I would say is a lovely way to spend the day if I didn't feel so rough. Poor DS had a high temp which we were struggling to keep down and all in all its been a pretty awful start to the new year.

Anyway, I hope you are all well and hopefully we can catch up when we're all germ free again!


Sawyer64 Tue 06-Jan-09 21:21:46

Sorry to hear you have been having a rotten time.sad Hope you feel better

I spent this morning 2.00am to 5.15am at A&E with DS(12),he had "Chest Pain" and was curled up crying with the pain!

Whilst my gut instinct was telling me it was probably more muscular pain than heart etc. at 2.00am its hard to trust your instincts.

Doc says its Flu,so we climbed back into our beds until the alarm woke me 2 hrs later to get DD's up,and out,and me to workhmm

DS is recovering well,and slept until 11.00am this morning.

There are some nasty bugs about,and this freezing weather isn't helping! smile

MrsMagooo Wed 07-Jan-09 06:47:53

shock Sawyer that must have been scary!!

Glad to hear DS is recovering, hope he's soon feeling fully well again soon!

Sawyer64 Wed 07-Jan-09 11:12:41

Thanks,seems to be recovering quite quickly... caught him on his XBox this morning! grin

MrsMagooo Wed 07-Jan-09 13:03:24

Definately on the mend then wink

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