Does anyone have a stairgate I could borrow for a week?

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sophierosie Sat 06-Sep-08 07:02:17

DD has been really difficult at bedtime and early in the mornings and I want to put a stairgate on her door for a few nights just to get her out of the rather unwanted habit of coming out of her room every 5 minutes until 10pm and then the same again at 5am [v tired emoticon]

Does anyone have one I could borrow for a few nights?


Saz126 Sat 06-Sep-08 13:35:18

Hi sophierosie, we have a spare one that we're not using so you're very welcome to borrow it. I realise we are quite a drive from you - but if none closer please do pop round and collect it. How's your job going? You are working four days a week?

SparklyPrincess Sat 06-Sep-08 13:58:08

Sophie, I think I've got one - it's either in the garage or at the out-laws. I'll check this afternoon for you.

We had a phase of that - DD1 would wander into DD2s room, wake her up and then wander off ... leaving DD2 screaming cos she's trapped in her cot!

I threatened to take the bedtime bear away and she's fine now! Is there an evil mum emoticon!

Mung Sat 06-Sep-08 14:01:09

We have one too. Let me know if you want to borrow it.

sophierosie Sat 06-Sep-08 14:45:55

Thanks everyone for your offers - I've managed to get one from a friend so its all set up in place.

Yes the job is going well - lots to learn as usual in a new job but I'm v excited about it! I'm working four days a week - Mon to Thursday but I think once I get started they're quite relaxed about how you manage the work so hopefully I'll be able to still get out and about and see you all!

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