Meet up my way??

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MrsMagooo Sat 23-Aug-08 08:47:46

Hi all,

Wondered if anyone fancied meeting for a coffee at mine in the next week or so?

I can introduce all to E grin

I'm happy to host - can do this Thurs (28th) would just need to cart you all off by 2 as have Health Visitor coming, or can do following Thurs?

I can do other days too if Thurs doesn't suit everyone


sophierosie Sat 23-Aug-08 17:34:44

I would've loved to come up to yours but am busy next week - I start a new job the week after and fridays will be my day off from then on...

How is your little boy doing?

MrsMagooo Sat 23-Aug-08 17:46:35

NW another time grin hope your first day at your new job goes well!

E is doing really thanks, really settled into the world - can't believe he's nearly 3 weeks already!!

JentlyDoesIt Sat 23-Aug-08 20:32:15

Hey you!

Can't do Thursday now am afraid - I have started Fat Fighters (Slimming World) and my class is thursday mornings!

I can do Friday with both DC's or next week Weds am or friday again.

Can't wait for another cuddle with E

pooter Sun 24-Aug-08 00:06:51

im free friday morning - could give you a lift jently (if friday is a goer Mrs M)

pooter Sun 24-Aug-08 00:07:38

ooh, and i made those biccies again with the new recipe, and they were ALMOST as good as yours J!!

Mung Sun 24-Aug-08 10:46:25

Feel motivated to try the biscuits again now...

I can do Friday 29th or Friday 5th (OMG September already...need to start thinking about DS's birthday)

MrsMagooo Sun 24-Aug-08 13:12:49

Hi girls I can't do this Friday but can do next Friday (5th) grin

Jently good luck with SW, I'm back on WW in a few weeks wink


Mung Wed 27-Aug-08 09:12:33

My Mum is in hospital next week and may be coming out on Friday (at least I hope so, if she is in for too long, who knows what she will catch!) so I cannot be sure about Friday 5th now.

lucyfer2000 Thu 28-Aug-08 09:05:56

Hi MrsMagoo!

We would love to come and visit all three of you next Friday. Not sure if we will be able to fit it in though as DD starts school next Thursday and I have to be back here to pick her up at 12.15. Shall see how things go next Thursday first I think! Having a really hectic emotional week this week trying to prepare for school next week. Think I am more worried about how I am going to cope with it than DD!! sad

I hope things are settling down with your new baby - it is such hard work at first. I see you have had problems with C scar already - TAKE IT EASY!! I still have problems with mine because it became infected and I did not let it heal properly (loads of scar tissue). This was mainly the midwives fault for prescribing me with the wrong antibiotics for the infection. Still - it really pays to do as little as possible now and then you will heal up much better in the long run!

Talking of cleaners... I have a major meltdown (including tears and rage blush!!)every other day about the state of my house. I only work three days a week now but this just seems to have increased the pressure to get things clean and tidy now!! Torn between cleaning and wanting to spend the valuble time with my kids. DP said we can have a cleaner for a couple of hours if I could find someone recommended and reliable - so any suggestions!!! Jently??? I know, I know, i'm a lazy spoilt madam...

MrsMagooo Thu 28-Aug-08 12:09:47

Hello ladies grin

I shall leave the 5th completely free & anyone who would like to come/can make it is more then welcome & if you can't make it no problem, just give me a shout if you need to know where we live wink

Lucyfer Sorry to hear you're having a bad week {{{{hugs}}}}, can imagine how emotional it is with DD getting ready to start school, they grow up so damn fast don't they!!! I hope she gets on ok & enjoys it grin.

Things are going ok, it was DH's first day back at work yesterday & it was erm....a tad stressful!! DD decided she was going to be a right little madam & kept throwing tantrums & DS projectile vomited all over me so that was fun! I did manage one load of washing though so was quite proud of that lol!

Still having probs with scar - it's been really sore the last few days & this morning I woke up to find it's been bleeding - I was up & down like a yo-yo with DS in the night as he wouldn't settle so think I must have wrenched it. It looks ok just feels sore. I did go to the emergency docs a few days back as it had gotten painful but she just told me to take parcetomol & sent me on my way hmm

So sorry to hear you had an infection hun that's not fun at all & no help that the MW gave you the wrong meds!!

Ooo yay to your DP saying you could get a cleaner - nothing spoilt or lazy about that needs must & all that wink

DH is off to work again shortly so going to have a quick hot cup of tea before he vanishes & I don't have time to blow my nose wink

Health Visitor coming round today too for DD's 2 year check - just praying she doesn't throw any almight paddys today (DD that is not the HV!)


pooter Thu 28-Aug-08 12:35:44

Hi Mrs M
well done for doing a load of washing! Seems like a drop in the ocean doesnt it, but i am very impressed! I was so traumatised after the birth of DS i had to go and stay at my inlaws for a week and get looked after (my mum had ust had an operation so was in no fit state to have us!) I went and opened my cs scar lifting a buggy out of the boot - before i discovered slings!!

We would love to come over and meet you all on the 5th - morning better for us. jently want a lift?

Lucifer i hope things are going well with your dd. I have to admit, one of the reasons i want to homeschool is so i keep ds with me for longer! (have non selfish reasons too wink) And by the way - i have a cleaner , and i dont even work, and only have one DS!! so you are by no means a LSM!! Unfortunately i cant recommend her - she's crap - cant work out how to empty the hoover, leaves broken glass on the floor after she broke my special wedding day glass angry which i then stood on!!, but i cant bring myself to get rid - shes a nice lady, and shes good at ironing! If you find someone good, let me know!

bye for now xx

JentlyDoesIt Thu 28-Aug-08 15:04:09

Yes please Pooter - that is if Mrs M can put up with me twice in the same week?! Will be both DC's though, is that ok?

Lucy - I use a company call Clean in time - they are on She is really lovely and extremely good - she even came Bank Hol Monday (she asked if she could!) then wouldn't let me help her! I pay £35 a fortnight and the house is done really thoroughly, then all I have to do is keep on top of it. She cleans the glass panels in my doors, the light fittings etc!

JentlyDoesIt Thu 28-Aug-08 15:05:37

Sorry, Mrs M, you take it easy lady, lots of sitting down and air to the scar when you can. It's still really early days so you need to be careful... wags finger sternly!

MrsMagooo Thu 28-Aug-08 16:28:50

Pooter I'm glad it's not just me who took themself off to the in laws - I did it last week lol!!

Have managed another load of washing today - feeling most proud lol grin

Ouch at you opening your scar!!!!

Jently of course I can "put up with" twice in one week - lovely to have the company! I promise to sit down more, told DH I had been given orders to rest more - backed up by the HV today so he couldn't expect much to get done wink

What time shall we say on Friday ladies??


pooter Thu 28-Aug-08 16:53:28

well, we can only come in the mornings, i could pick jently up at 9.15 after the rush hour and be at yours for 10??

MrsMagooo Thu 28-Aug-08 17:13:01

Perfick wink

Sawyer64 Fri 29-Aug-08 11:29:18

Lucyfer (can't help but "speak up" for colleagues,its an embarrassing habit of mineblush)

Not sure about your case,but with infections,depending on the patients discomfort most health professionals will prescribe a "Broad Spectrum" Antibiotic,which will treat most of the common bugs asociated with that area But unfortunately occasionally,the bug that you have is a more "unusual" one that needs a specific antibiotic,that wouldn't routinely be prescribed.

In an ideal world,its better to take a swab and leave the patient "untreated" until the results come back,but if the patient is in alot of discomfort,getting something started asap is obviously "kinder",but if it is a "run-of-the-mill" infection,then it won't help,and you have to then swab and wait.

Maybe in your case this didn't apply though and the MW did get it wrong.

Sawyer64 Fri 29-Aug-08 11:30:56

Sorry "if its NOT a run-of-the-mill infection.

Sawyer64 Fri 29-Aug-08 11:38:12

Mrs Magoo,I'd like to come next Friday,but work is so sporadic at the moment,its difficult to make plans for anything!

Will be there if ok,if I can.Will know by mid week,and can post if coming or not,for your numbers.

My CS scar bled a little,but like you say take it easy,and it should settle.

Hope to meet/see you all next

Hope it goes well for your DD next week Lucyfer,I will be going through the same thing on 22nd......sad Remember to look out for a lovely little girl called Francessca,who is starting there too,a friend of my

SparklyPrincess Fri 29-Aug-08 17:43:04

Hiya, can't do Fridays I'm afraid but hope to meet you and LO soon Mrs Magoo.

Hopefully will catch up with everyone a bit more now that we're done camping for the year! I'm sure I shouldn't be relieved that I've just got back from holiday!

MrsMagooo Fri 29-Aug-08 21:54:53

Sawyer - will be lovely if you can make it grin

Sparkly not to worry hope to meet you soon Lol @ being relieved to be back from holiday wink

lucyfer2000 Fri 29-Aug-08 22:54:00

Pooter you are hilarious! I think it is so funny that you keep on your cleaner even though you think that she is crap!! Have promised myself that I will never do this again after having a very crap (lazy arse) nanny when it was essential (DS was 1 month old but had to go to uni twice a week for another two months in order to pass degree!) - but that is another story... Still I am inspired that I may not be lazy and that it is potentially only the cost of our indian takeaway once a week... Shall call clean in time!! (thanks jently!)

On the subject of school - well I think i will see how DD gets on. She does find doing stuff other kids are doing a bit difficult sometimes which has made me worry about her a bit. I won't ever make her do anything she is clearly isn't comfortable with and if i ever thought home ed would be better for all of us i would not rule it out. Doesn't help that i went to the small world festival at the weekend and have been ridiculously influenced by gorgeous hippies - one of whom thinks DD may be an indigo child (what ever that is - have briefly looked into this over the last couple of days but seems a bit too flighty even for me). Oh well, whatever...

Sawyer - memory is a bit poor, but i'm pretty sure they were crap. had to see various doctors (actually not necessarily the midwives fault) and they all contradicted each other and blamed the last!! took two sets of antibiotics before they even sent a swab off and by then i'd been told i'd would probably have to quit breast feeding!! This was in deepest darkest Somerset though, so not a local worry! - shall certainly look out for little francesca - always good to have a name and a contact, perhaps you can tell them to look out for us!?

God i'm really rambling now aren't I - just dug out the sloe gin i made last year because it is about time to start making some more (and DP not about ) ...

SP just read your message on the other thread - that is definitely the funniest thing i have heard all week/month...etc Happy birthday to your loved one!

Sawyer64 Fri 29-Aug-08 23:01:23

Will certainly mention you again,just was really vague last time I didblushNot really knowing you well then,and having only one brain/memory cell left since last pregnancy!!!

Remind me of your DD's name and i shall pass on,plus Francessca's (sp?)mum asked where you lived and blush..... couldn't remember!!!

When my DD1 started at the Day Nursery where Francessca goes,she took her "under her wing",as she was new. Quite sweet at 4 yrs old eh?

JentlyDoesIt Sat 30-Aug-08 20:45:58

Pooter that's great
Forgot to mention, my cleaner turned up on Bank Hol Monday with flowers for me because I let her clean my house that day

mmm Lucy, sloe gin

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