Its SO quiet on here at the moment.

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Mung Wed 20-Aug-08 19:00:31

Where is everyone? I miss the banter...

SparklyPrincess Wed 20-Aug-08 20:05:58

Packing frantically at the moment ...

Really, really looking forward to the camping in all this autumnal weather!

Mung Wed 20-Aug-08 20:15:22

Camping AGAIN!? And up North...are you MAD?

Sawyer64 Wed 20-Aug-08 21:58:22

I'm just lurking....

Got to work so can't join in any of the meet-ups at the momentsad

Have fun SP.

pooter Wed 20-Aug-08 23:39:13

im here! just been out for a meal at Fai's with DH on our date night!! only been doing it for 3wks but its really good. I felt like a normal person - walking along a street without having to provide a running commentry on every car that passed or every bit of litter, and not having to try to hold onto a toddler intent on running away. It feels WONDERFUL!! prefer noodlebar though!

i tried to find another race for us, but theres nothing about. i need something to train for, or i just dont do it.

where are you camping SP?

JentlyDoesIt Thu 21-Aug-08 14:41:50

We're here too! Hope to be around more over the next few weeks.

Saz126 Thu 21-Aug-08 14:46:19

Hi all! <waves>

Wanted to make your meet up Mung but been so lazy this week. Really really lazy. I will be back hopefully next week. DH is off work today and sleeping. Poor love.

Do you go out every Wednesday Pooter? How fab is that. DH and I went out on Sunday and I got drunk on two glasses of vino...oh dear...

Mung Fri 22-Aug-08 15:45:29

Saz...I thought you may have been running so much that you didnt have time to check MN anymore grin.

I had 2 glasses last night and felt very drunk...not good really.

How am I going to stop the vino for my detox???

MrsMagooo Sat 23-Aug-08 08:44:07

I'm here - just being kept busy by E wink


Mung Sun 24-Aug-08 10:38:55

I imagine you are very busy MrsMagooo. How are you all?

MrsMagooo Sun 24-Aug-08 13:15:50

We're doing well thanks, had a few major tantrums from DD though lol!!

Had to go back to the docs as was in huge pain with section scar but she said it was my own fault for over doing it blush

DH back to work in a week - starting to poop myself a bit about being on my own with both bubbys wink


Sawyer64 Sun 24-Aug-08 14:58:08

Think it always seems daunting doesn't it?

You finally "get back to reality" when DH goes back to work,and it seems scary!

I remember it well.......

All those things you did before with DC1 without thinking,you try to imagine doing them with 2 DC's!

Bathtime,Shopping,Going to the Park etc. etc.

I just remember everything had to be planned really well,as its more difficult to get things you've forgotten,with a LO in your arms.

It is daunting,but with each thing you do,you realise its not so different,just takes a little more time,patience and Equipment!!smile

At the end of each day,you feel like you have achieved a great deal,just getting through your "normal" day.

Try to take time for yourself when DH is home,I think before when you only have one,you try to keep going,but with 2 DC's I think lots of Dad and DC's "bonding" is required,so Mum can go and do some relaxing to

MrsMagooo Tue 26-Aug-08 11:04:02

Very good way of looking at it Sawyer grin

I think once I have the first day under my belt I will feel much more confidemt - it's the fear of the unknown IYKWIM!

Loving the sense of acievement at the end of each day though

Have already said to DH to not expect miracles lol - pre DD I was a real "Monica" when it came to cleaning the house etc, then when DD was born I went into cleanliness overdrive due to my PND, he would come home to a spotless house, shirts ironed, DD in her crib in a clean outfit & dinner on the table.....I think he's wishing I had PND again cause now the house is clean but toys, books & general baby equipment are scattered everywhere, DD is usually found sat on the floor with lunch remenants round her face & colouring on DH's work notes, dinner is whatever I find in the freezer & I'm sat on the sofa cuddling DS with a cuppa!! That's all while DH is still at home too lol!! wink that bad???!!!

Yummy Mummy & domestic goddness I am not grin

Sawyer64 Tue 26-Aug-08 12:28:41

That sounds about normal to me!!!

I remember pre-DS (my first) i couldnt understand why my SIL and DB didn't seem to tidy up after their 4(!!) DC's.

I always thought even when DS was born that it only took a few minutes to pick up all the toys and rearrange the room.Couldn't understand why they didn't do it,just walked over the toys etc.

Boy did I start to realise how hard it is to keep up with everything with more than 1 child.

I do have a mass clear-up every few days,but not daily anymore,as I am so busy tidying up all day long it seems,that i never seem to get time to do a "thorough" job.

To me the saying "A tidy home isn't(necessarily) a happy home" rings true.

The time you spend with your DC's is sOoooo much more important than having a showhouse.
Great if you can do bothhmm but I've yet to crack it.

Enjoy your cuddles....This time is so short.Plenty of time to be a reformed monica when they go to school IME !!!grin

Mung Tue 26-Aug-08 17:32:25

Clean house...whats that? Maybe a clean room from time to time, but NEVER a clean house. The key is not letting it frustrate you and just living with it.

Enjoy the cuddles....

purpleflower Tue 26-Aug-08 17:55:23

Now I'm starting to panic, is it too late to change my mind wink

Mung Tue 26-Aug-08 19:04:08


JentlyDoesIt Tue 26-Aug-08 20:09:51

Ah yes, this all sounds very familiar!

Or, do what i did, have a major meltdown about the cleaning until DP agreed to me having a cleaner once a fortnight...

I am already missing the tiny baby cuddles and DD is only 4 months old <broody>

Sawyer, you are a very wise lady

Sawyer64 Wed 27-Aug-08 11:29:26

Now that sounds like a good tactic Jently, could do with a cleaner......

DH had a gardener(friend of the outlaws)when he had a bad backhmmOnly seems fair really......grin

Don't mention Broody! I've got 3,definitely enough for me to cope with! but still......!!

(can't though as been sterilised after/during DD2 arrival)sad

Never mind,Have to Hijack all your babes for a cuddle!

SparklyPrincess Fri 29-Aug-08 17:53:38

Hiya, I'm back!

Yep, completely stark raving mad Mung! We came home early cos the constant drizzle was driving us round the bend. And we were at the back end of nowhere and finding anything to eat was soo hard!

Tidy house ... (hollow laughter). Bad enough normally but there's damp camping s&%* everywhere at the moment...

I've so lost the plot completely that we celebrated DD1's birthday yesterday... It's actually today!

Mung Fri 29-Aug-08 20:05:36

You HAVE lost the plot...did you forget the date?

Happy birthday LittleSP1 least you have had nice weather today!

Sawyer64 Fri 29-Aug-08 22:37:02

Happy birthday L!(Have I got the right one?)

We had a washed out holiday in Cornwall,have been doing this same holiday location etc. for 12 years now.Think we really need some guaranteehmm of sunshine next year!

To some extent the LO's enjoy the rain,but after a while it does put a "damper" (ha ha) on your holiday.

Glad you are back SP. I still owe you a coffee,and --house wreck-- childrens play session!

Sawyer64 Fri 29-Aug-08 22:48:21

Why didn't that housewreck work ???

SparklyPrincess Sat 30-Aug-08 22:08:03

Sounds good Sawyer - have you been up to the new playground yet? Those monkey bars look properly dangerous!

Sawyer64 Sun 31-Aug-08 10:05:48

Yes,its a big improvement though.

Watch out for the Teacup thing that spins,DD1 enjoyed it at first,and then she got spun in it by some kind mumhmm and began hysterically screaming!

Just hope it doesn't get spoiled by the bored troublemakers Teenagers.

(That is a very general statement,its just a few that spoil it for the other Teenagers)

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