Lucy - (AIBU) DH went stella about me getting a bike - He is totally against it!

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Twinkie1 Tue 05-Aug-08 09:19:13

Hi Honey

Am sorry but mentioned to DH last night that you were popping in to look at the bikes in the next catalogue and before I finished my sentance he went mad at me -

a) he pays for a gym membership for me to get fit and lose weight?

b) do I really need to spend the money on a bike?

c) when am I actually going to get the chance to ride it?

but after and hour of me calling him a controlling nutter he finally told me it is because he worries about me running and riding round the streets round here with no pavements and bendy bends and the cars going far too fast. He said there is not one rouad out of the village which is safe for me to poodle about on.

I now don't know what to do - half of me is flattered that he thinks about things so much - like my safety - and half of me thinks he is being stupid - I would wear a hat and be careful! FGS!!

So am awaiting final installment of his reasons as to why I can't have a bike - well I can but do I just go against what he feels is a safe decision on behalf of the family - I have my own money so that is not the issue!

Oh and I have a urine infection I think - pain in back, burning when weeing and high temp so I am not the happiest person today = plus have been asked to get suitcases for upcoming holiday and write a list of everything we need - because he is just soooo busy at work that he can;t surely be expected to do anything.

Oh I don't know why I am so cross - he is being nice and is worried about my wellbeing but I am letting you down lucy if we can't get the bikes at a cheaper price bvy getting 2 and I haven't ever really had someone put their foot down with me since I have been an adult!!


lucyfer2000 Tue 05-Aug-08 22:20:47

Twinkie - i think our significant others should meet up!! This seems to follow a very similar pattern to the one that I had with mine!! I had originally wanted a bike so that i could ride it to work on a wednesday when i don't have to take the kids to the childminder. This was a complete foot down!! No way was I allowed to ride a bike around the tiny bendy roads where cars drive too fast and tra la la... sound familiar?

So I accepted this (has a point with some of the roads - and lets face it I would never have had the time or energy to do it anyway!!)

still want a bike however, to get to the shops - Mr lucyfer is still not happy about this but I have told him it is either this or we have to move to a REAL village that has shop you can walk to etc etc

Sadly the concern stopped there! - i'm not allowed to move house again! so bike was reluctantly agreed to. I shall just get it without mentioning it again now though - save any further ridiculous conversations.

Bless 'em - I think they actuallly do really care!! It's like the father i never i had!!

Please don't worry if you don't want to get one now - i will find other ways i'm sure. I certainly don't want to be the cause of any problems between you and your man.

I hope you have been to the doctors about your urine infection - that sounds like a really nasty one you'll need antibiotics. You poor thing - i know from experience how agonising it is.

I hope you are feeling better soon hun,

Take care and don't worry about the bike for gods sake!!

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