Just spotted this piece of exciting news...

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JentlyDoesIt Mon 04-Aug-08 20:50:42

Mrs Magoo has had her baby!

"04AUG MrsMagooo delivered DC#2, a BOY named Elijah Jacob Patrick Aguda (7lb 10oz)"

Looks like it was an emergency c/section

Congratulations to all of you and welcome to Elijah!

Dynamicnanny Mon 04-Aug-08 20:56:50

Welcome Baby Elijah

Saz126 Mon 04-Aug-08 21:04:28

Congratulations MrsMagoo! Ahhh hello little Elijah! x xx

Twinkie1 Tue 05-Aug-08 11:19:57

Wow - congratulations - hope you are well and little one is doing ok.

pooter Tue 05-Aug-08 13:43:51

Brilliant news MrsMagoo - and what a cool name! I hope you are being looked after!

lucyfer2000 Tue 05-Aug-08 22:24:53

CONGRATULATIONS!! Hope you are both OK. Take care MrsMagoo - c-section is difficult i know - especially when you already have a bubba. Get everyone running around for you and take it easy.

SparklyPrincess Wed 06-Aug-08 09:54:54

Congrats Mrs Magoo - hope you and little man are doing well

purpleflower Wed 06-Aug-08 10:12:17

Congratulations MrsMagoo, hope you are all doing well.

Welcome baby Elijah (lovely name)


MissisBoot Wed 06-Aug-08 20:44:30

Congratulations! What lovely news!

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