48 Hours and Counting!!!

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rrrayray Mon 21-Jul-08 12:56:02

......Until my Scan! I'm so very excited!!

We are certian we want the baby sex-ed, and i know the Nhs Essex Trust as a policy don't do it. I was wondering if anyone had used the company a 4 D baby? Because i seem to have different people telling me different times are ideal to sex a baby?

My friend in the usa says over there they insist on doing it prior to 20 weeks.

4 D baby dont do 4D scans until 24 weeks i believe.

Anyone shed any light on when i should do my baby scan, and whether i should opt for a 4D or not??


MrsMagooo Mon 21-Jul-08 13:51:32

Hi hun,

Oooo not long now - how exciting grin

Is your scan at Colchester??

I've had 2 sexing scans - 1 with each DC.

I had mine done at Turner Rise - it's a little building right next door to Colchester hospital & Mr. Eddy is in charge, it's not a 4D scan but still lovely. It costs £80 & is done by a really lovely gent - they only do them from 22 weeks onwards for legal reasons.

Each time we were in there for a good half an hour, he performed a very detailed scan, talked us through everything, checked baby from head to toe etc etc.

We came away with about 6-10 photos each time too.

He has been scanning for a very long time & is very thorough - I highly recommend him!


Mung Mon 21-Jul-08 14:53:50

Thats great...I hope you enjoy it.

That sounds like a good recommendation from MrsMagoo. I can't help, as didn't find out the sex of my two DCs.

Hope to meet you soon.

rrrayray Mon 21-Jul-08 21:57:25

Yes MrsMagoo my Scan is at Colchester! Ah, that sounds like a good idea then, as i'm not really fussed about the whole 4D baby thing, just thought it maybe an easier way to be sure of the sex!?

Sorry to ask a silly Q, but you didnt actually say if they got the sex right! i'm assuming so if your recommending them!!

Mung, well done to you, my friend who was induced today hasnt found either, so we're all eager to know. but i'm too much of a planner and simply couldn't wait to find out! Miss impatient or what!

Even waiting till 22 weeks feels like a lifetime!

MrsMagooo Mon 21-Jul-08 23:39:39

Message withdrawn

pooter Mon 21-Jul-08 23:54:44

oh thats so exciting rrayray!
my friend was in the netherlands when she was pregnant and they routinely give mums a video of the scan - her husband set it to music and it is one of the most moving things ive ever seen! not a fancy 4D thing, just what you would see on the monitor yourself.

hope it goes well!

rrrayray Tue 22-Jul-08 18:48:11

Mrs Magoo You have totally and utterly Sold me. Thats what i want, someone who is experienced, and confident in their abilities, you sure should be charging them comission! I will give them a call once i HOPEFULLY get the all clear from my Scan tomorrow! Woo woo!!

Aw, thats so cute about the video of the scan Pooter, i'm sure i've heard of someone doing that before.

Hope all you Mummies are enjoying this lovely weather. We Could be excused for thinking we might have a Week of Summer? Although i think to assume so with british weather would be rather foolish!

JentlyDoesIt Tue 22-Jul-08 20:25:07


How exciting, good luck for the scan.

We used a 4d baby for our scan with DD. The scanner was right (he said he had only been wrong once in 18 years and that was right at the beginning!) they were all really friendly. I think it cost about £100 but you got a 20 minute scan (both 2d and 4d) plus 4 photos, then you could buy all sorts of other things with it. The 4d is amazing, they set it to music too (we had snow patrols "chasing cars" which still makes me cry) you can take your own cd of whatever you want.

Perhaps I should be on commission too! They have a website here which gives you all the contact details etc. We copied the disc several times so that grandparents could have a copy too!

MrsMagooo Wed 23-Jul-08 14:37:17

Awwww Jently that sounds gorgeous!!

rrrayray Wed 23-Jul-08 15:52:37

Scan fantastic, although picture little disapointing.

think we woke the poor mite up as suddenly jumped. then proceeded to suck thumb. So cute!

Our dates were wrong, as were our early dating scan. now 12+4 making due on jan 31st.

MrsMagooo Wed 23-Jul-08 16:29:30

Aww glad it all went well hun grin congrats!!

Pictures can be crap - all of ours with this little one were rubish so pleased we had the private scan as got some gorgeous pics from that - there is one on my profile grin

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