Gosh it's all change!!

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MrsMagooo Fri 18-Jul-08 13:56:27

Afternoon all grin

Just had my consultant appt & induction has really changed since I had DD shock

They've booked me in for the 17th (please, please Little Man come out before then) & the MW has told me I need to pack enough things for a 2 DAY STAY shock that's prior to getting induced!!

She said they no longer break waters & will now only use a pessery (sp) but that you can be on the ward for up to two days before anything happens & once you're booked in you can't leave til you've had baby!!

When they were discussing induction whilst PG with DD they just said they would take me straight into delivery suite & break my waters!!

So fingers crossed babe decides to evict himself before then wink

Sorry - just needed a little vent


sophierosie Fri 18-Jul-08 20:04:48


I had the one lot of pessary and then after about 6 hours when small contractions were starting they when doing an internal they did a sweep at the same time (without asking me). Waters broke about 4 hours later - I didn't need to have another pessary.

Yes, unfortunately you can't leave the hospital - although you can obviously leave the ward whenever you want - I was seriously tempted to pop home for a few hours as I live so close and I'm sure they'd've never noticed the difference.

The 17th is still a long way off though - so lots of time for him to come - fingers crossed!

BTW - I saw on another thread that your dh is a PO - My dh is also a PC with Essex. How do you manage with the shifts?

Mung Fri 18-Jul-08 20:22:03

That sounds crazy. You can push to wait as long as possible can't you. When I was given the pessary with DS they kept me in (this was in Chelmsford), but they let me walk down to the local Tescos to buy some decent food. I felt like an escapee with my wrist band on. Get on that ball, walk for miles, eat pineapple and curry and have lots of sex...he'll arrive without intervention then and its much better than a sweep from a midwife wink.

I'll be waiting for the news.

MrsMagooo Fri 18-Jul-08 20:22:55

I'm going to have a sweep on my EDD & hopefully every few days from then til the induction (if he's not here by then).

I'm seriously hoping the sweep will do it (or that he comes of his own accord before then) - it did with DD, had one at 39+4 & went into labour that evening.

The shifts are slightly better now - DH has recently taken on a new role & it's going really well (he had a full page spread in the paper the other day - looked rather buff lol!!) so he's doing lots of day shifts which is lovely.

I have to say I've never found the shifts a problem, before he became a PC we worked together (how we met) & we both did shift work then so it's all we've ever known.

The only time it's hard is when he's on nights as DD doesn't understand that Daddy needs to sleep & she gets upset that she can't go & see him in bed.

Thankfully he's going to have 4 weeks off from the day I go into labour - he has got to work V-Festival & Air Show days but apart from that he will be home with us for that first month grin

Wonder if our DH's know each other????


MrsMagooo Fri 18-Jul-08 20:26:11

Hiya Mung - I know I was really shocked, I honestly thought I'd be able to come & go a little!!

I'm currently sat bouncing on my ball & am even considering running round the garden naked howling at the full moon wink

Managed to waddle round the town for a few good hours after the appt this morning & have been pottering round the house trying to keep active to encourage him out


sophierosie Tue 22-Jul-08 21:02:44

Hello - My DH works with yours! Small world eh!

MrsMagooo Wed 23-Jul-08 14:36:11

Very!! Is he based in Clacton then??

sophierosie Wed 23-Jul-08 16:08:16

Yes - he does the same role but covers the East! It definitely makes a difference that they're doing more day shifts doesn't it - DH also used to work shifts when we met, but before he changed jobs he did a 8-4 job which meant that I had the luxury of him being home nice and early which coincided with the first year of dd's life!

MrsMagooo Wed 23-Jul-08 16:27:38

Just asked DH & he said oh yeah 'D**' (won't post his name just incase wink)

Blooming small world eh?! grin

Most definately makes a difference with these day shifts - feel like I actually see him lol!!

He's got the odd 4-4 shift but that's whilst he's getting this new operation up & running - he's desperate to get it established before he goes off for a month


sophierosie Wed 23-Jul-08 17:24:01

Yes - thats him!

MrsMagooo Wed 23-Jul-08 17:51:58

How funny - really is a small world!!! grin

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