Newbie- Pregnancy Pilates Classes?

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rrrayray Thu 10-Jul-08 23:18:33

Hello Hello.

I'm a newbie, and a first time mother-to-be. 13 weeks, and seems like a Looooooooong way to go at the moment.

Very happy to have found a local area, OH and i live in Wix, about 20 mins from Colchester.

Does anyone attend pregnancy pilates, or have any pointers? when my sickness finally passes i NEED to do some decent exercise, or classes or something!!!


lucyfer2000 Fri 11-Jul-08 07:54:31

Hello Ray! I had all my pregnancies when I was living in Bristol - so the only pre-natal yoga i can personlly recommend is a bit of a drive away!!. However, I REALLY recommend yoga in pregnancy. I absolutely loved it - it is great for all your aches and pains, helps you relax and gives you good breathing tips for labour!! Trinity Centre in Colchester might have a class or could recommend somewhere.

Also try this website:


Mung Fri 11-Jul-08 08:27:22

Hi rrrayray. Firstly, congratulations. I hope you are feeling well and full of energy. I went to a yoga class in was great, but can seem a bit of a hike when you are absolutely shattered. I was living in Chelmsford for DC1 and went back despite living here for DC2.

I think I have seen an advertisment for pregnancy yoga in the NCT magazine since though, but I cannot remember any details. I just remember thinking that I wish I had seen that with my pregnancy for DC2.

MummyLovesPrams Fri 11-Jul-08 09:11:33

Hello Ray!

Congratulations on your PG & welcome

I'm a bit of a newbie too wink

I'm Kymberly, married to DH, have a 2 year old DD & currently 36+6 weeks PG with DS (and getting rather desperate for him to come out!!)

I'm not really sure about where a Yoga class is held but I just went onto google & typed in pregnancy yoga colchester & it brought up loads of pages!!

I only managed to keep going to my Aqua Aerobics til I was about 10 weeks as been so ill this PG so good for you having the energy grin


rrrayray Fri 11-Jul-08 11:06:43

Thanks for all your helpful hints. i'll get hunting. i know Lesiure world do an Aqua bump Class, which i like the sound of!

I havent done ANY exercise since being PG, as been So so tired and very sick too. Which whilst my body is saying Noooo, my mind is feeling like i must be rather unfit, given i used to work out ALOT!

So did any of you ladies give birth at Colchester hosp? Hubby & i arent only new to Pg Game, we're also new to Essex. We had to relocate for his job in Feb, from Nr. Brighton in Sussex. So everything is rather new to me at the moment!

mummylovesprams Ah, i don't want to wish my first pregnancy away, but the finish line seems SOooooooooooooooo far away. i'm just itching to meet my Bean (nickname) already! Although i'm due in jan, so at least i can REALLY pig out at christmas....!!

Very happy to have found a Local Group!


MummyLovesPrams Fri 11-Jul-08 11:49:42

I highly recommend any Aqua class - even before I was PG I loved the class!

I found my first PG really dragged at the time but when DD was here & I looked back I realised how quickly it had gone IYKWIM?

How was your first scan?

I had DD in Colchester & have got to have Little Man there too (had wanted Clacton delivery) due to a few probs this PG.

I cannot fault the delivery suite at all, they are top notch & MW's are lovely but the ward is not so great sadly but that's just my experience of it.

I'm willing Little Man out now as I'm already fed up PMSL grin

Hope you find a nice Yoga group hun

Running around after DD has been my only exercise this time lol!


rrrayray Fri 11-Jul-08 12:17:09

I def think i am going to get myself to an aqua class, whether i feel like it or not- ha! i hear its suposed to actually help sickness anyway, although i don't know how happy they'd be seeing my breakfast coming up in the pool. Maybe we'll give it a miss until i'm over the sickness.... that is PRAYING that is passes.

My first Scan, oh how i WISH i'd had my first scan. We moved to Essex in Feb, but we went to mexico for 2 weeks & then home to Brighton for about a month,(june) and it was at home found was pg. So saw the doc i've had since i was tiny, but obv never got into maternity system as he knew i was coming back to Colchester. So registered with my new Doc up here on 30th June, but STILL havent heard anything from a midwife or Scan or anything. Not even booked in yet! Grr! going to leave it until monday (2 weeks from when i first saw Doc) until i chase him up. So it will be more like a 14 maybe even 15 week scan by the time it happens!!

Glad you can't fault delivery suite, ihave heard many people say (about many different hospitials) that the ward afterwards isnt as great. Esp for second timers, they REALLY leave you to it i've heard.

Was wondering if you knew whether there are private rooms? (i mean instead of ward for After delivery) in brighton you can pay £50 per night to have private room once delivered.... just wondered if that would case, as would love some privacy to get to know little one in hours afterwards!?

Bet DD is giving you a work out, i don't know how you Pg mothers with kiddies do it, i'm struggling to look after myself, feeling so rough that i don't know how i could possibly look after another person hmm

Sorry for such an Essay Ladies! xx

MummyLovesPrams Fri 11-Jul-08 12:50:57

shock at not having had your scan yet - I'd be on the phone already by now lol! wink

Fingers crossed you get an appt through soon!

Can't believe you haven't been booked in yet either - good old NHS eh?!

Colchester hospital only have one ward now & although there are a few private rooms (I was shoved in one a few weeks back as Little Man tried to make an early appearence) they are usually kept aside for women who are being induced until they go down to the delivery suite.

I had a few issues with the ward, mainly the fact I had been kept in for monitoring & was left on my own for 12 hours without so much as a temperature check (bearing in mind I was having contractions at 33+ weeks) the state of the loo/bathroom was just awful & it was over 30 degrees with no fans & no windows open - needless to say I discharged myself at 2 in the morning!!

That was my first experience of the mat ward though as after DD was born I transferred straight from the delivery suite to Clacton which was bliss - planning on doing that this time too!

As I say the delivery suite is excellent, I had a fanatstic MW with DD & when I was rushed in, in prem labour with this PG they were excellent & the care I recieved was excellent.

Sorry that turned into a major waffle lol!!


rrrayray Fri 11-Jul-08 13:05:44

I know, i'm trying to be patient and not throw my toys out of the pram, but i don't know how long it takes to get into the system, so i think if i've left in 2 full weeks i'll be well within my rights to Ask a few questions and get things moving! ha! Plus, we arent 100% sure of my dates, so i could POSS be only just 12 weeks?!

We are in Wix, So perhaps i wont even be under Colcehester Care? As the difference in Distances between colchester and Ipswich is about the same. Does anyone know anything about Ipswich maternity?

You seem very keen on Clacton, but you mentioned you couldn't give birth there b/c of Complications, Is Clacton a Birthing centre? or is it just a midwife led team or something?

Sorry for all the questions, First timer, worrier , etc etc, haha!


rrrayray Fri 11-Jul-08 13:06:08

ps, the reason i assumed under colchester care is Doctor is Colchester Based.

MummyLovesPrams Fri 11-Jul-08 13:25:04

I can see your point - best to keep calm & polite if you can he hee!!

Ipswich Mat is fab - I have heard nothing but excellent things about it - a few of my friends have had their babies there & they loved it

Yup very keen on Clacton, I loved it there - I was the only lady there when I had DD!

It's a MW led team so you can only give birth there if you are 38+ weeks & have had no complications etc.

I have suffered with asthma in the past & also went into prem labour which required steroids & a drip so due to those things I have to deliver at Colchester, but that's fine, I will just transfer straight back to Clacton from the delivery suite which is what I did with DD

It's also fab for us child care wise as MIL lives literally round the corner from Clacton Mat ward - you can almost see her house out the window wink

No worries about all the questions hun - we're all first timers at some point grin


rrrayray Fri 11-Jul-08 14:21:50

Hmm, i may look into ipswich then, as there really is nothing in it distance wise, just what way you turn at the end of the road!

Early days, but i havent really thought about anything, birth wise, but then again i do have 6 long months to think about it! ha!

I've signed up for my NCT classes already, at my mothers advice, she still to this day sees the ladies she became friends with from attending them. Start in Nov continuing into December. Although, i'm not sure how useful the actual classes are, i've heard many people say if your a book worm (like me) there wont be anything you havent already read! Oh well, i doubt there is such a thing as TOO much information!

So Mummyloves prams, you are a glorious 36 weeks (v.jealous, do you know what your having?) How about everyone else?

Anyone have a 4 D baby scan? I'm thinking of having one when i finally get to 24 weeks, as i def want to know Sex, and thought that was prob more certian. Not to mention be lovely to see Bean!


JentlyDoesIt Fri 11-Jul-08 15:21:15

Hi rrrayray! Congrats on the bean...

I am Jen, I have a DP (Peter) and a DS (20 months) and a DD (12 weeks)

Re hospitals - Colchester was fab when I had DS but the postnatal care wasn't fab when I had DD (made worse I think by being a 2nd timer). They have squashed everyone together in one ward and the midwives are fab but they can't really cope. A lot of people have said this (including the midwives themselves). I have heard lots and lots of good things about Ipswich hosp.

Whereabouts were you before? I know Brighton quite well. My grandparents lived just outside worthing and my SIL lives in Eastbourne.

I had a 4d scan just outside Ipswich (Martlesham) with DD. We had to pay though as it was private. I think that Ipswich hosp offer to tell you the sex at the 20 week scan, but don't quote me on that

I can recommend Blossom and Berry too. I did a baby massage class with the lady that runs it last year when DS was small.

Hope that helps and hope to meet you soon.

MummyLovesPrams Fri 11-Jul-08 15:46:21

I wouldn't say glourious PMSL - it's been a very rough PG & as I'm 37 weeks tomorrow (classed as full term) I am very eager for Little Man to arrive

Been in 'pre-labour' since Saturday which could go on for weeks - keep getting excited only for everything to calm down again lol!!

It would be typical that after trying to come early Little Man now goes over due wink

Jen you're right hun, Ipswich do tell you the sex at 20 week scan, lucky things wink - my friend who is due 7 weeks after me is booked in at Ipswich & they told them the sex at the 20 week scan

Ray - haven't had a 4D scan but have had a private scan with both DD & Little Man as we wanted to know the sex - good job we found out too as we were both convinced this little one was another girl wink


pooter Fri 11-Jul-08 18:02:12

ooh how exciting - anothernone of our local mners is pregnant!! I was totally obsessed with reading everything i could get my hands on when i was expecting DS (17mo). Its really worth going to the NCT classes - i didnt really learn anything new, but its the getting to know others who are round about the same stage as you, and you are all thinking about the same things and can waffle on at each other for hours when your partners have had enough!!

i still meet up with my group and really value it.

I remember switching off when they talked about caesarians as i was convinced i was going to have an all natural waterbirth - hahahaha!!!! There is no such thing as a birth plan!

I can also second, or is it third or fourth now? blossom and berry - i did babyyoga with her when DS was little and she is lovely. Id give her a ring as she would know all the yoga going on in the area. Look on the 'blossom and berry'website.

Hope to meet you soon - come to the breastfeeding picnic on the 21st!

Sawyer64 Fri 11-Jul-08 20:34:43

Hi Rrrayray ! I am Jo,married to Paul,We have DS (12) DD1 (4) DD2 (21 mths).

I had all 3 DC's at chelmsford and have heard nothing good or bad about Colchester,so not much help there!

I have been a member of NCT since I had DS,as was a single(divorced)parent then.

They have always been an excellent form of support for me,in so many ways,but mainly the friends I have met.

I especially like the NCT Nearly New Sales,so good for buying things at very good prices for pregnancy and baby essentials.Especially when theres something you'd like but can't justify the cost,or have it such a short time it doesn't seem worth the cost.

The NCT classes are very good for making new friends and sharing experiences,and they do teach you things that you may not see in books,based on experiences.

I can definitely vouch for Aquanatal,I went with DD2-to-be,at 7-8 mths pregnant in the scorching heat,I didn't "get fit" just found it very relaxing,and cooled me down.

As for the sickness,I suffered badly during my first 2 pregnancies,even hospitalised for 3 days for DD1,but DD2 was much easier,I had Reflexology,and that "seemed" to help.

Look forward to meeting you soon..... smile

rrrayray Fri 11-Jul-08 22:38:48

Ah, it feel so good to know people in the surrounding area with Kiddies.

I have just got in from seeing mama mia at the cinema ( Soooooooo Awfully cheesy that Sort of Good) and am TICKLED pink to have got a letter with my SCAN date. all be it 2 weeks away, 23rd July! Very Very excited!!!

Although clearly states they wont Sex AT ALL. So this just confirms that i will have a private Scan, poss 4 D nearer the time, as i am DYING to know!

Jentlydoesit I am originally brought up in Cooden Beach which is between Eastbourne and Bexhill, But DP and i lived in Hurstpierpoint. We were very happy there, and with heavy hearts relocated due to Dp Work. Although i have to Say We are loving the Essex Countryside.

Yes, i have booked in for my NCT classes, and whilst i dont expect to learn masses, after all my book reading, i think they will be VERY helpful for Dp, as i think i've only seen him meet a baby ONCE, and he held the poor thing with STIFF arms straight out! Praying a bolt of fatherhood lightening hits him by the time our bundle arrives!

Would love to meet with all you yummy mummies once my Sickness subsides, at the moment can't get off the couch without being sick until almost after dark- Feeling Very sorry for myself! Ha!


Mung Sat 12-Jul-08 10:24:51

Oh you poor thing...the sickness is awful, but it passes.

I hope the scan goes well and you get suitably excited (and maybe a little overwhelmed) at seeing the little thing moving about despite not being able to feel it. Its great.

My DH was the same with children until he had his own, so I am sure yours will be fine too.

Yummy may have the wrong impression of some of us wink. I think I dream of being a yummy mummy, but ruffled and bedraggled probably describes me better smile.

rrrayray Sat 12-Jul-08 10:41:18

The sickness has already got better, from 6-11 weeks i couldnt leave the house, as had to be within a few feet of somewhere to vomit (sorry- too much info! ha!)

Now, its down to about 1-2 times a day, although still feeling not much like a human!

i'm already VERY excited about the Scan.

Glad to here the fatherhood light will turn on at the suitable time! ha!

Don't be silly, i'm sure your little-uns would agree with me on the yummy mummy front!

Hope everyone has a nice weekend, am picking Dp up from being away for a week shortly, and very excited to see him. 7 years and i'm still a love sick puppy when he goes away (well apart from the first day or two when i'm loving some "me-time" ) xx

MrsMagooo Sat 12-Jul-08 14:15:31

LOL Mung I'm the same - I often dream of life as a Yummy Mummy but I am most definately more Slummy Mummy wink

Ray - glad you got your scan through at last - hoorah!!

Don't worry about DP - before we had DD, DH had never even held a baby before & was utterly terrified of becoming a dad to the point he spent the whole 9 months of my PG acting very aloof - have to say the second she was born he fell utterly in love & the pair of them are inseperable - the way he is with her astounds me - even his family could not believe the change in him when she came along grin


(Ps This is MLP - had a name change) wink

JentlyDoesIt Sat 12-Jul-08 19:15:37

Snap Mrs Magoo (like the change!) - DP didn't "do" children before DS and yet he is fantastic with both of them - his family can't believe it either!

Yummy Mummy - ha ha ha ha ha ha ha one tries but falls a little short on occaision generally when I haven't noticed (or cared) about the sick on my shoulder when I go out!

MrsMagooo Sat 12-Jul-08 19:57:38

PMSL @ sick on the shoulder - oooo the times I did that, & am sure will again with Little Man wink

rrrayray Sat 12-Jul-08 20:14:37

I'm hoping Dp shapes up then! I know i couldn't ask for a more supportive Daddy to be, he has been dying for us to start our family for Forever, so this is possibly the most wanted baby, EVER!

He returned today with a book on "how to be a good Daddy" Bless!

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