HELP! i have volunteered to organise something and am now scared no one will come and i will make a complete hash of it!!

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pooter Mon 30-Jun-08 08:17:52


Its a picnic, on Mon 21st July - but to raise awareness of the government's intention to pass a very odd law regarding breastfeeding.

You dont need to be bf to come - just supportive of a babys right to have food when its hungry!

there are lots of picnics being organised all over the country by mumsnetters

have a look at this website - which makes things a lot clearer than i can!

protect my baby, protect me

So - its NOT a protest, just a picnic, but i will invite the local papers and issue a press release (the same as the other groups)

im scared. will it just be me and DS and a limp sandwich???

Sawyer64 Mon 30-Jun-08 08:35:12

Is your picnic in parliament Square or a local one?

MummyLovesPrams Mon 30-Jun-08 08:38:39

Deep breathes hun,

I'm sure you will have a huge turn out!!

Where are you holding it?

pooter Mon 30-Jun-08 08:53:21

oh THANKYOU for replyeing sawyer and MLP!!
its in colchester somewhere - have only just this min volunteered so no more details exist!
I always mean to volunteer for these kinds of things then never do - so its about time i put my money where my mouth is. Doesnt stop it being scary though!!!

Sawyer64 Mon 30-Jun-08 08:56:08

Well I'm sure all the Colchester Local Mumsnetters will be out in force to support you if they possibly can. Count me in !

pooter Mon 30-Jun-08 08:58:46

YEY!!!!! I will stuff you full of cake!! Hmm, perhaps cake shaped like boobs!! Actually cakes ARE shaped like boobs. litte cupcakes with a glace cherry! is that going too far? Have i gone mad already?

eenybeeny Mon 30-Jun-08 09:50:34

I will be there - hopefully a MNer can give me and DS a lift as I know you will be too busy to pick us up! But I will make it there even if I have to take a bus but if I do I would REALLY appreciate it if someone met us at the bus stop as I dont know Colchester well at all and get lost every time I go! But you can count me in. Let me know if you want help with any of the organising too!

What is the law that we are out in force against? I read the link (well... skimmed over it) but I couldnt quite work it out. Dont worry you will rise to the challenge!!! And we will support you!

SparklyPrincess Mon 30-Jun-08 09:51:32

I'll be there as well, pooter

pooter Mon 30-Jun-08 11:10:17

Oh thanks so much everyone!! Was it the cakes??

MummyLovesPrams Mon 30-Jun-08 12:31:53

Loving the idea for the cakes Pooter - fabo!!

pooter Mon 30-Jun-08 12:49:53

oh good MLP - i will make them again so you can have one after your little one makes an appearance! I must say i admire you for hosting a meetup when you are about to drop! Maybe i will be the same second time around - for DS i was ringing DH every time i felt odd for a couple of months before i actually gave birth!

purpleflower Mon 30-Jun-08 13:03:16

I'm in

MummyLovesPrams Mon 30-Jun-08 13:06:40

Ooo yum yum!!

I don't mind hosting it as I don't have go to far he hee - getting out the house is another issue lol!!

Little Man is now 2/5ths engaged & I feel soooooooooo heavy at the min - 5 weeks to go & counting lol!!

pooter Mon 30-Jun-08 13:40:50

yipeee - i have six people coming (including myself and my friend i havent told yet!!) thanks purple one smile

eenybeeny Mon 30-Jun-08 15:26:05

it was definitely the cakes that sold me! wink

Mung Mon 30-Jun-08 17:03:38

I'll try and get there too. My bfeeding friend may be able to come too.

Pooter-have you checked your emails? If you havent got one from me, can you email me at : hjscho at hotmail dot com

pooter Mon 30-Jun-08 18:25:51

yipee - that makes 8 potential cake eaters! yep - im that good at maths!

roll up roll up come and get your boob shaped cakes here....grin

Dynamicnanny Mon 30-Jun-08 19:43:38

I'll come if I can get to it - keep us posted

pooter Mon 30-Jun-08 19:55:38

yay! cheers DN - that's 9......

lucyfer2000 Mon 30-Jun-08 20:00:52

Hi Pooter

I would definitely come along to support your breast feeding picnic!! Unfortunately Monday is a work day for me so I won't be able to. I'm sure that it will be a success though and good on you for organising it - that certainly takes some courage especially when you are inviting the papers!!

Love the idea of booby cakes by the way! - you HAVE to do that!!


becklespeckle Wed 02-Jul-08 00:01:54

I would like to come too (if I'm not butting in and assuming no kid's sports days and such that day), it is a good cause (and an odd law too) and I would love to meet some local MNetters.

Wd be coming on A134 from Sudbury so if you are anywhere near there Eenybeeny then I would be happy to give you a lift.

pooter Wed 02-Jul-08 11:49:41

Yay for beckespeckle!! We are now into double figures!! Incidentally i practiced making boob-like fairy cakes yesterday and decided i need muffin tins not little fairy cake tins!! They were approximately a small 'B' cup. I made 12. DH ate three. DS bit into one then threw it in the mud. There are no cakes left.......blush

lotuseener Thu 03-Jul-08 11:57:57

Please count me and ds in. Please let me know if there is anything I can bring/do to help. Thank you for organzing this.

becklespeckle Thu 03-Jul-08 14:15:26

ditto with the anything you need...

JentlyDoesIt Thu 03-Jul-08 14:49:44

We'll be there! DS has nursery on the Monday morning but if it's a lunchtime thing I will bring him out early! That makes 3 of us for cake I'll have to eat DD's for her obviously!

I'll make some if you like. Nigella does a cherry chocolate cupcake with cherries on the top...

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