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pooter Mon 28-Apr-08 17:41:07

Hi! I thought it might be an idea to motivate each other in a dedicated thread.

OK, i just wanted to tell everyone IVE STARTED MY TRAINING and it feels great!! Im following a book called 'Running made easy' and its working. Ive only done 2 days, but i actually RAN!!! woohooo. erm, it was only 1minute, then 3mins walking x 4, but considering how unfit i am, i am well chuffed.

So come on - make me envious of your athletic abilities! 12 minutes indeed envy

Saz126 Mon 28-Apr-08 20:11:51

Yay! Well done Pooter!
He he, I have to laugh and admit that when I said that I had done 12 minutes it was actually 2 minutes jogging, then 1 minute walking x4 !! I tried to follow the plan "couch to 5km" and do 20 minutes but it started raining and I turned back home. I was drenched when I got in, DH found it highly amusing! That was last Thursday and haven't been out since, many excuses, but really have just been very lazy. I will definitely definitely go out tomorrow night. I have only just stopped aching now from last week so I think that I can still claim the most unfit person ever award...

pooter Mon 28-Apr-08 20:49:30

hahahaha! I feel SO much better knowing you runwalk like i do! I am aching quite a bit - suffering from over enthusiasm.

SparklyPrincess Mon 28-Apr-08 21:09:52

Saz - that was really mean! I really thought you'd run all the way!

Haven't been out for nearly a week. Am feeling really shitty for some reason at the moment but am intending to go tomorrow. Am going to do a week 3 or a week 4 if I'm feeling brave...

Did carry DD2 around the zoo today cos my buggy's got a flat tyre ... surely that counts as exercise?!

Mung Tue 29-Apr-08 15:28:03

I too thought you had run all the way Saz.

I am like you SP...not much training going on here. It has been a week and a half. I did tow the trailer on my bike with 2 DCs in though. Thats exercise! Coming home I got caught in a huge rain storm and cycled so fast. I just wanted to be out of the rain and I didn't quite realise how hard it was.

I am going to try and go running again in the next couple of days. I will download the podcast and try and go further.

SparklyPrincess Tue 29-Apr-08 16:13:51

Look at us with the justifications Mung ... I didn't go running but ...

Mung Tue 29-Apr-08 16:20:29

I know...and I was the one that got you all into this, so I feel I should be setting a good example.

SparklyPrincess Tue 29-Apr-08 18:35:22

OK, been out and done Week 4 session 1 - two 3 minute runs and two 5 minute runs!

And I can still breathe AND walk!

Yay - feeling quite chuffed with myself actually ... even though it would have probably been quicker to have walked...

SP xx

Mung Tue 29-Apr-08 19:33:27

well done SP...and in the rain too.

SparklyPrincess Tue 29-Apr-08 19:35:26

Only started raining just as I got back...

I'm not that committed!!

But thankyou anyway! grin

Mung Tue 29-Apr-08 19:38:02

You could have kept quiet about that one and taken all the praise!

SparklyPrincess Tue 29-Apr-08 20:01:18

Didn't want to look like too much of a nutter!

Saz126 Tue 29-Apr-08 20:39:48

It's still raining so I haven't been out! I feel very guilty now, as I guess I could have braved it but it's so horrible out there. I'm out tomorrow so can't go then and DH is out Thursday. Will cross fingers for no rain on Friday. Well done SP!

Mung Tue 29-Apr-08 20:40:34

This rain is really bad, so dont feel guilty

Saz126 Tue 29-Apr-08 20:45:00

True, you're right. I can make up for it next week. DH says that I can go running with him at lunchtimes Mon-Weds, he has a nice little 5k route mapped out. I told him it might be a few weeks til I can join him on that one!

SparklyPrincess Wed 30-Apr-08 09:33:01

Just a few weeks ...

Been looking on map my run for routes round Colchester - the only ones from around here seem to centre on running up and down Mill Road! Trying to work out if I can get to Highwoods in the length of my podcast!

Don't feel guilty - I certainly wouldn't have gone out in that! Quite glad its not a running day today if the weather at the moment is anything to go by...

pooter Wed 30-Apr-08 11:04:02

hello, i'm going to admit that im running at the gym on a treadmill, which is far easier than in real life outside! I wuppose i can get a bit fitter then see if i can do it properly like you lot! Hope im not kidding myself!

hope to see some of you at eenys on thurs - race you to the park grin

Mung Wed 30-Apr-08 14:18:02

SP...why not cycle to Highwoods as your warm up? I did that here and cycled to the Marks Tey park and then just ran around and around for the alloted time. A little boring and I did feel stupid, but at 7.15am there weren't many people to see me!

Running is running Pooter. Why not put a bit of an incline on the treadmill and make it a bit harder (listen to me giving advice when I can't even get my fat back side out of the front door!).

My pack arrived today...I haven't dared open it, as it will seem too real to see the number and everything.

pooter Wed 30-Apr-08 17:04:41

Mine arrived too! I opened it as i was still feeling good about doing my 'run' today. I sped the treadmill up to 10 whatever that means. I am number 2051!

SparklyPrincess Wed 30-Apr-08 17:05:20

That's a good idea, Mung - will require some serious work with a puncture repair kit and some WD40 to get my bike in working order. It's been under a pile of spiders in the shed for about 3 years!

Did your run go well Mung? I got my pack today as well.

See you soon (hopefully)...

Mung Wed 30-Apr-08 19:00:31

run...what run???? I find it really hard to get out in the week as I have kids all day and then teach in the evening. Not sure quite how I am going to manage to get the 3 sessions in a week.

SparklyPrincess Wed 30-Apr-08 19:09:52

Sorry thought the 7.15 meant today - have just realised that that was unlikely ... sorry. It's all a bit of a blur today grin

SparklyPrincess Thu 01-May-08 19:26:48

OK, just done another Week 4 run. Harder today (probably cos kids have been a pain in the * this afternoon) but managed to hold it together anyway.

Hows everyone else doing? Come on, back me up here!

Mung Fri 02-May-08 13:45:58

You are doing too well SP...putting us all to shame, so we are hiding until we have something impressive to report back on. Hopefully I'll get out this weekend, but I have a really sore neck.

SparklyPrincess Fri 02-May-08 14:11:49

Mung, if you're struggling to get out and train maybe we could arrange something where I'll keep and eye on your LOs while you run or something. Let me know if you want to do that and we can sort something out once L is better.

Hope your neck gets better soon ... SP xx

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