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Happymumtoone Sun 26-Jul-15 19:51:15

Myself, husband and 18mth son are looking to buy our 1st home and are contemplating where. We are currently renting in South East London, we love the area but are seriously outpriced even with both us working - so we are looking at commutable areas and Colchester looks a potential- our main needs are:
- 3 bedroom
- close to a station, so my husband can get to work in London. I'm going to be a stay at home mum ��
- near good primary schools
- near activites for a very aventurous toddler

We are going to check out Colchester in a few weeks, if anyone has any suggestions of areas to look at I would be very grateful

Twine88 Mon 27-Jul-15 18:15:14


Colchester is a large town, so you have a lot of schools to choose from, like most places they are a mix of the good and not so good, but what I would say is (apart from the v bad ones) they are all oversubcribed, so if you find one you like and its outstanding you will need to move in v close.

Initially I would recommend a site like locrating.com, which will allows you to input the area name and it will show up the schools by rating. In terms of best areas local opinions will differ, but, for me its Lexden - nice area, close enough to town to walk to, lovely houses - and the best school in that area is Hamilton. The houses immediately around the school are overpriced for their size, but that's what happens when you are next to an outstanding school!

Second to that Prettygate - a nice area - plenty of amenities, more house for your money and I have only ever heard wonderful things about Prettygate infant and Juniors.

I am sure others will come along to areas recommended other areas as well! Good luck.

EssexMummy123 Fri 31-Jul-15 21:55:14


Lots of people I think have moved here from London, commute-wise the fast trains are 50 minutes to Liverpool Street on a good day, but short delays are common.

Close to the mainline Colchester station is mylands and highwoods - Highwoods has a fab primary school - possibly the best LEA primary school? but you have to live very close to it to get in, there's also soft play and a large country park, a daily drop-in gymnastics session for adventurous pre-schoolers, an outstanding pre-school and an outstanding nursery - move to Highwoods :-) oh and pm me if you details of a couple of friendly mother / baby groups.


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