new friends lol

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Nichola150907 Tue 23-Jun-15 09:09:02

hi my name is nichola and i have a son who is three in october. we have just moved to the end of layer road and we are looking for some new friends to spend some time with. if anyone fancies meeting up please let me know

Cara86 Tue 23-Jun-15 18:19:53

Hi Nichola,
My daughter will be 3 in December and we live on the bovis development off abbey fields smile We go to quite a lot of groups which might interest you? or if you fancy some company in the playground/ a coffee we are around!
Oh and welcome to Colchester - we moved here 3 years ago now smile

Nichola150907 Wed 24-Jun-15 07:30:51

Thanks for replying smile we have lived in colchester before but the other end and then moved out to brightlingsea. Would be good to meet at the park. Are you free next week?

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