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CAB07 Fri 20-Jun-14 12:52:56

Hello to you all. I run a website called Life After London and we offer a free advisory service to those researching new areas to live. We've been contacted by a family looking to move to villages around Colchester with good access to primary and secondary schools (I'm not sure if they mean private or state at this stage). I just wondered if any of you lovely people might have some ideas of where they should look - where are the great places to live. Would be so grateful for any thoughts which I can then pass on. Thanks so much.
Belinda Aspinall

Rosys123 Thu 25-Sep-14 08:35:41

Probably far far too late but I'd recommend wivenhoe and I commute from there to London

melissarosenz Wed 01-Oct-14 06:53:59

Hi, I'm just jumping into the thread because I'm interested in responses to this, too. I hope it's okay if I just jump on in. If I'm breaking etiquette, please let me know. smile
My husband and I, my stepson (16), and my daughter(10) are relocating to the UK (we are New Zealanders) in April, and our short-list of where we're going to end up is down to Colchester and Bristol. I am a teacher, so Colchester really appeals as if the worst happens and I don't find a permanent or fixed term position, I can commute to London for supply teaching. Also, the Roman history of the town, low crime rates, seemingly affordable housing... it's be pretty hard to beat!
So, Wivenhoe is on my 'watch list' in Colchester now, but can anyone tell me please what areas we should definitely avoid? Also, I've been looking on Zoopla, but it'd be nice to hear local opinions - our ideal residence would be a 3 or 4 bedroom flat/house with a garden, in a reasonable area (we're not fussy but want to feel safe walking after dark in winter), and preferably with a playground (or even just a swingset) nearby. Are we being realistic to expect something like this for less than a thousand pcm? It seems on Zoopla that we should be fine, but I'm worried that the places I've seen are in dodgy areas.
Also, is Colchester fairly ethnically diverse? My daughter's father is Ugandan, and here in NZ she has had to deal with racism (seriously, it started at day care when she was 3) which I know is going to happen whereever we are, but I would really like for her to experience living somewhere where she doesn't stand out for anything other than being fabulous (and sometimes loud and annoying - she is ten after all :D ).
Any suggestions are gratefully welcomed, and if I really hope I haven't offended by jumping in the thread.
Thanks and regards

Rosys123 Tue 14-Oct-14 15:01:16

Hi Melissa

I doth know colchester very well as haven't lived in this area long but can tell you what I know about Wivenhoe ! It is a few miles from colchester central and is a safe (as much as anywhere) and small community with several playgroups, a park with kids equipment, lots of green open space etc an 2 primary schools. we pay £800 pm for a reasonable size 2 bed house in lower wivenhoe - the further you go up out of the main village the further your money foes so I would think that would be in your budget. Lower wivenhoe is maybe a bit UMC white but does have diversity in terms of having a mix of people from city workers to business owners to artists to stay at home mums. Maybe because of the university near by, further up the village nearer to the uni is more diverse ethnically both from the student and the lecturer communities.

To check dodgy areas have you looked at the uk police crime map? It breaks down crime rates by area I think (ie not just colchester as a whole but different areas)

misseskimo Sun 23-Nov-14 23:40:58

Hi Mellissa, I'm relatively new to Colchester myself but grew up nearby, and can say that it's generally pretty diverse culture wise. I personally think it helps that Colchester is predominantly an army town, and the recruits can come from all over on assignment. Some people are put off by this, but personally it doesn't bother me. We just bought a house on ex army land, which is surrounded by active barracks, I can literally see one about 100ft from my house, but they never bother us in anyway. On my development there are two black African families about 10doors down from me, both with young children, and further down there are a Spanish family of 5 and French couple. I am half-iranian myself, so I'd say it's pretty diverse.

The only areas I was told to avoid when moving here was Monkwick and some parts of Stanway. But then I know a few people who live there and say its fine! Nice areas I was told Prettygate and Abbey Fields. Highwoods is right next to main roads and hospital, so quite busy. We're in between Monkwick and Abbey Fields and it's a really nice quiet area. About 15mins from town which I prefer. Also you have Castle Park in the town centre which the park is free to enter, and great for families, especially in the summer.

My sister used to live in a small village right outside Bristol and worked as a nanny there, and although she loved living there, she didn't have a very high opinion of the equality and diversity in the area. But thats just one person's opinion.

Hope you find somewhere, and sorry for long post and hijack!

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