Childcare needed in my home for 3 children, will also pay u to be at home

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8147gaia Wed 29-Aug-12 20:27:11

I am returning to work after mat leave soon and my husband needs some help for 3 hours on a monday, and as and when needed. To help with kids when they get in from school and our 11 month old, until bed time. Assuming we find the right person more hours will become available. Please request my email address if you think this may suit you. We require either someone qualified or an older mum. Would also be required to be on call when my husband is on call, once every four weeks, ie stay at your house in case my husband gets called to work, if he does you need to be to my home in 15 mins. Ideally need to have car and live close to Myland area. Fingers crossed

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